Media from Granholms visit to CMU regarding the Michigan Promise

Just raw media from what I have so far from various sources. You can do your own analysis and post and I’ll do mine at some point – probably later today.

Interview (from Wendy Day)

My own voice recording of the speech.
Granholm Speaking about the Michigan Promise

Video recording of the speech by CM-Life

Despite the fact that our protest got moved (waiting for Wendy to upload that video), the college dems brought in signs too. They were quickly policed up though after I shot this. Sorry for the poor quality.

Keep checking back. I’ll keep adding more media as I get it.

1 comment for “Media from Granholms visit to CMU regarding the Michigan Promise

  1. maidintheus
    November 21, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    “The only way we can do that is invest in education.”

    She obviously has no grasp on the figures as we’ve been investing in education. Most significant is her lack of ownership of how the state has been governed for the past 7 yrs. She fails to admit that she did not make sure to fund this, yet want to rob Peter to pay Paul. Typical Granhack. One more year can’t go by fast enough.

    Thanks for taking the time, J!

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