It sure is good to have friends at the top..

especially if your name is BRUCE RATNER.

A perfect example of how things such as long term support of Democrat causes reap great wealth for big money donors again rears its disgusting head in a new eminent domain battle in New York.

In a 6-1 ruling Tuesday, the Court of Appeals said the Empire State Development Corp.’s finding that the area was blighted was enough to justify taking the land.

A group of tenants and owners claim the seizure is unconstitutional. They argue that developer Bruce Ratner’s proposed $4.9 billion, 22-acre Atlantic Yards project mainly enriches private interests, while the state constitution requires public use for taking land.

“The constitution accords government broad power to take and clear substandard and insanitary areas for redevelopment,” Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman wrote for the majority. “In so doing, it commensurately deprives the judiciary of grounds to interfere with the exercise.”

Zat so Judge?  where the hell did you get your law license? You swore an oath to uphold the constitution, which is based on the premise of private property.   The use of eminent domain is strictly for public USE. This action of TAKING is for private development, and private gain, at a loss of personal property and suffering of liberty at the hands of a local government which is beholding to the wealthy Mr. Ratner.

Lippman, appointed by patterson as chief judge earlier this year and is described as a “life-long Court system employee.” Too long IMO.

Folks.. Democrats = Government for the RICH.  Please pay close attention to the link on Ratner’s name at the top which shows the contributions made to a great number of Democrats.  Few thousand here, few thousand there…  Great investments.

Even a nice contribution to our own slug Senator Levin.

Of course there is a history here.. worth looking at.. including ties to ACORN etc..  WOW

Stay tuned..

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