Equal Outcomes Crowd Doesn't Support Michigan Voter's Wishes

The 58% of Michigan of voters who supported equal opportunity in 2006 are facing a federal challenge today.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday on the legality of the constitutional amendment that passed with 58 percent of the vote in 2006.

Civil rights groups along with University of Michigan students, faculty and applicants sued in late 2006, saying the anti-affirmative action measure discriminates against minorities by permitting many other non-academic factors besides race.

Yeah.. you know factors like “grades,” predisposition to actually pursue your education, ability to understand the material..  Unfair stuff like that.

The left sure likes Democracy..  until it works against them.

In 2006 Michigan voters reminded our government institutions that racism by rewarding SKIN COLOR over ability or effort is quite wrong.  Fortunately for the majority of voters, Michigan has an aggressive advocate of equal opportunity fighting for it..

State Attorney General Mike Cox, whose office is defending the law, said voters spoke “loud and clear.”

“I am confident the court will again reject this attempt by activists to overturn the will of the people,” he said in a statement

Undoubtedly, the liberal failure to recognize racism in its own efforts, will likely rear its head again.  Efforts by those who confuse equal outcomes with equal opportunity sometimes muddies the debate.  Certainly the supporters of such efforts to undermine the will of the people watch for openings and changes of the guard.  Hopefully we will continue to have the champions for what is right, looking out for our state in the coming years as we do now.


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