A New way of funding the left…

We have seen it with ACORN, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GSE’s (Government Sponsored Enterprises) move taxpayer money into private hands under the guise of delivering more efficiently directed help where help is needed.  As most should realize by now, corruption and abuses run rampant whenever our tax dollars are assigned by program to needs of the public.

The organizations then see a steady stream of money, and generally pay back the politician by lobbying (done with your money) and vote getting. Quid Pro Quo.

Michigan has its own versions including the Union that is stealing with the help of government through the Michigan Home Based Child Care Council.  And now Democratic legislators are bringing up another way to funnel money out, and as always.. with “the best of intentions:” 2009 House Bill 4790 (Authorize wrongful imprisonment compensation )

Its suggested that there will be a newly formed “private” interest business that will handle the details for making sure the newly released improperly convicted citizens.  If this makes it to the governors desk, $10  says we find the money flows through a democrat constituency group related to either the Labor unions or the MEA..

Keep your eyes open.. and stay tuned.

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