You Betcha.. Newt Turned Out To Be One Of Those..

I have commented before about my disappointment in someone I had considered a relatively safe mouthpiece for the conservative movement.  When Nancy was Screwing the country in 2008 not allowing a vote on Drilling, Newt sat down on the couch and helped to promote and promulgate the Marxist policies that the green “movement” brings us:

then what happens when high profile so called conservatives like Robertson, Gingrich, and McCain indicate their support for the green policies which brought us these problems in those “WE” ads? It about pissed me off.  The Greeniacs are feeding us to the wolves of the world.

Now he shares endorsements with the Daily KOS of Dede Scozzafava, who is quite decidedly LEFT of center..

NOW…  He is not even able to answer the question as to WHY he endorses Scozzafava.

Newt for 2012? Not a chance.  Conservatives have already won big in this very well documented Race.  Sarah Palin is correct with her endorsement.  I would further argue that the “tea party movement” Wins if Scozzafava loses at all.  No matter the final outcome. It demonstrates the influence and tenacity of the conservative movement.. PERIOD.

Republican establishment will be quicker to heel (and perhaps HEAL) when this is all over. That is why it has gained such importance.

Scozzafava will lose. Conservatives win.  Gingrich is a washed up “has been.”

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