Great Lakes "Zoning" Ahead?

Michigan is surrounded by water.

Subtle hmm?

The great lakes region is a special place for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is its abundance of outdoor sporting opportunities, particularly given the incredible water sports activity and tourism surrounding it.  It being the one area that so far has not yet been too adversely impacted by the impaled economy.  There are still people who travel, and Michigan is shown again and again to be a fair recipient of discretionary dollars.  At least Michigan still has control of one aspect of its economy..

Could that change?

It might, if the Obama administration gets its way with the implementing of task force recommendations.

A White House panel developing a strategy for managing oceans and their coastlines is including the Great Lakes in its plan, which will propose ways to protect the environment while preventing conflicts among users.

The Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, which President Barack Obama established in June, convenes the last of six regional public meetings Thursday in Cleveland. It will be the only gathering devoted specifically to the Great Lakes.

“Managing,” or taking over?  PREVENTING CONFLICTS???

Buried beneath the thin veneer of “for the public good” rhetoric is a deeply troubling sign that there is more government meddling in and around our affairs outside of DC. “Zoning..” you ask?

Considering the different possibilities in the use of our great lakes it means great and wonderful opportunities for more micro management ala restricted fishing areas, permitted sport scuba diving, perhaps even swimming licenses for certain beaches.  Route changes for carriers of materials would likely happen as there will be new [FEDERAL] wind generating shoal stations with undoubtedly some obtuse regulatory design to keep the lanes at certain distances.

Well Michigan, say goodbye to the possibility of control through those wonderful agreements with Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, etc..  Big brother’s going to take all your worries away.  Oil rigs?  Sure why not? They don’t live here.  Fishing in front of your lakefront home?  Are you sure you have the proper paperwork or license for a class 42 fishing zone?  Your DNR issued license is no good anymore.

So am I being a little exaggerative?

These are folks hired by the same guy who appointed as Energy Czar, a guy who would like you to paint your roof tops white to fight global warming. Many of you are most certainly aware of the eugenicist as well Right?

Who needs to exaggerate..?  Everything I know is wrong already.


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