Quote Of The Day..

Governor Jennifer Granholm at a 5 o’clock briefing in Lansing yesterday while discussing the reasoning behind an additional per-pupil proration cut of $127 for fiscal year 2010..

“We’ve never seen times like this in Michigan”

uh.. yeah..  about that..

And just so we are clear…  The additional cut is an attempt to get tax increases passed.  Granholm is claiming state Treasurer Robert KLEINE’s letter determining that there’s a $212 million hole in the School Aid Fund (SAF) due to declining revenues is correct, and the Senate Fiscal Agency’s estimate of a $123 million surplus in the SAF based on the May consensus revenue estimating conference estimates is wrong.

MS. Mulhern Granholm.. If you get your wish and add more taxes, you will get your wished for shortfalls, and we will see many more times like this in Michigan.


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