A Real Treat For Halloween

Typically Halloween is a somewhat fun time to get a little goofy with costumes, and for Kids it means candy, candy, and more candy. I loved the candy.. Personally, my memories of Halloween include those times when I started as early as 4:30 as it was just starting to get dark, and concluded when the last door was slammed in my face with a “Its too damn late kid, go home!”

After repairing the pillow case bag for the third time in the night (busted seams due to complete and utter fullness) I would finally make it home, and the separation and counting would commence. Chocolates in one pile, candy corn unwrapped to my little brothers, candy trades with my older brothers, apples to my parents, and a few pennies even…

Ah yes.. Those were the good ol days.

Even as an adult, I have found it is one of those minor yearly events that adds a little excitement to the late autumn dreariness. Every little kid that shows at the door reminds me of the FUN part of childhood, and the memories of times before responsibility, that wonderful thing earned by becoming old.

This year we will still be giving out Candy, but also… something NEW.. yet OLD..declaration-of-independence

We will be handing out 100 of these handy little reference guides as well.  Further, we will be offering an opportunity to the kids in this state a chance to earn $100 with a scholarship based on what is in this little book.  What is in this book, and what has made this country so great  for so many years.

I have written about this elsewhere as well. See the article on RightMichigan.com for more

But it won’t be limited to simply those Halloween goers..  I am offering the same opportunity to any MICHIGAN student willing to do a little homework.

In fact, students can earn even a little bit more if they can convince your teachers to participate.  To get a copy of the rules, simply click on the picture of the book to the side. If you would like to order your OWN copies for distribution, HERE IS THE LINK TO THE HERITAGE page where you can purchase them.

We hope this works out well, and that business allows us to continue it as a tradition.

God Bless, and have a safe Halloween!

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