What Kind Of Tax Increases Will They Be???

This is how the brilliance of the left solves problems like HIGH Medical costs…  At least a couple of good conscience are standing up for us..  Of all the insane, untimely, insipid, (add your own here) ideas….

GOP blasts Democrats’ proposed health care tax surcharge

Tax on doctors will make medical treatment more expensive, push deficit on backs of patients, health care

House Republicans today blasted a proposal by Democrat lawmakers to tax health care in order to help balance the state budget.

House Bill 5386, which is currently in the tax policy committee, levies a 4 percent tax on physicians’ gross receipts. Democrat House Speaker Andy Dillon was quoted in a recent news article saying the state would be crazy not to do it.

“It is astounding to me that right now when we are in the middle of a national discussion about lowering the high cost of health care, Michigan Democrats are actually pushing for a new tax on doctors that will make medical treatment more expensive,” said House Republican Leader Kevin Elsenheimer, of Kewadin.  “Doctors are going to have to pass these costs onto their patients, making the cost of health care go up.”

If approved, the tax would raise health care costs in Michigan by nearly half a billion dollars annually.

“House Republicans proposed a plan to balance the budget without raising taxes months ago – and our plan didn’t reduce Medicaid reimbursements by any more than what the governor recommended,” said state Rep. Matt Lori, of Constantine.  “There is absolutely no way we are going to support the Democrat plan to tax health care just because lawmakers waited until the last minute and now are under the gun to finish the budget by Oct. 1.”

Elsenheimer also said he was concerned the plan could negatively affect Michigan’s growing health care industry:

“Two years ago lawmakers rammed the poorly thought out business tax surcharge through the Legislature at the 11th hour, and we’ve only seen unemployment go up since.  Now we’re about to repeat that mistake by adding a new tax surcharge on health care.  It makes me wonder, who’s next?  Who’s left to tax?”

Elsenheimer also noted that the Speaker has recently indicated that House Democrats will vote Tuesday on raising taxes.

Folks if you aren’t on the horn to your legislators office TODAY…  you aren’t being heard.

And.. if you CAN make it to Lansing…  Stacey Mathia has been tireless and will be there at 3pm tomorrow  (Wednesday) for some last minute protesting of any tax increases coming our way.  Said a dedicated protester Dennis, about the possiblity of Granholm signing on to additional increases:

I let Sen. Bishop know by voice mail that it is rather strange for Granholm to propose tax cuts for movie producers (such as Michael Moore) suggesting that it would bring in revenue for the state, yet somehow in a convoluted way raising taxes on us lowly residents and business owners is good for us?

Good point Dennis..

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