Michigan Not likely To See A Budget Tonight.

As it turns out MIRS is reporting that the governor is not expected to sign ANY bill given to her tonight, and that she has requested a continuation budget that would allow her to read whatever it is that the legislature passes.  The message to the senate given by Cherry.

Bishop in turn explains he sees no need to pass a continuation budget, as they have only 3 more department budgets to pass.

It should be noted, though the Democrats are resistant to ANY cuts, the vote on a John Gleason income Tax Increase plan only generated 2 votes in favor.

Have your cake and eat it too?



Perhaps there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Apparently the K-12 cut may pass but with $170 or something close to that with a stimulus carryover.  This  rather than a $218..

Thats right kids.. pack your lunch buckets in the morning.. you still have school.

Stay tuned..

Update—  1200 midnight..

KIds?     plan on sleeping in.

Michigan is closed.

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