A Right Wing Woodstock…

Peace and love, and the sheer joy of knowing you are with those who won’t judge you because you are handicapped, a little obese or just plain Nascar loving hicks from fly over country. THAT was the feeling of attending the 912DC event September 12, 2009.  The march down Pennsylvania Ave by over a MILLION and a HALF participants was underscored by a genuine commonality of ideals shared by those participants; they are simply tired of an over-reaching government ..over reaching.  And their Drug is Freedom.a-wstock

Our group consisted of 55 patriots who opted to forgo the traditional vacation plans, and set aside the money they would have spent on such things, for this trip to Washington DC in hopes of awakening the conscience of Washington.. if there ever was one.  They put off other plans so that they could remind their legislators who is still the boss, and in some cases made not so minor sacrifices to become a part of this historic event.  This patriotic group was mirrored by the hundreds as bus tours alone, and multiplied by tens OF THOUSANDS  with other individuals who opted to drive independently.A-Group

Though we had a strong Michigan contingent, the sheer number of  participants resulted in the separation of the group where no matter how much we moved throughout the crowds at the event, we never saw duplicate people, and frankly never saw each other till we met at our predetermined departure point when the event was over.  There were THAT many people..  I had expected 500,000..  perhaps had HOPES for a Million..  but to find out it turned out as 1.5 Million plus!!  WOW!A-side

Anyhow..  I wanted to get you all a little up to date..  I have over 200 Photos, and 4 hours of HIGH DEF Video to go through, and these are just a couple. Please Check back in again soon!

3 comments for “A Right Wing Woodstock…

  1. Chris
    September 14, 2009 at 6:22 am

    Thank you…… looks like a conservative happening! I especially love how clean y’all left the mall…… always set a good example of model behavior.

    well done

  2. Jen Kuznicki
    September 14, 2009 at 6:56 am

    Thank you! Hope they have another next year!

  3. Elizabeth Frazier
    September 20, 2009 at 7:08 am

    Thank you for the info. I looked on the internet only got C-Span on Sept. 12th. That looked like memorable day for lots of folks. How clean it was left as well, you are all to commended. The TV on line even Fox had nothing on line, that I could fine, it was limited. Now I’m seeing pictures and accounts of the gathering. I wish I could have gone. Someone said that Fox had it on TV for hours. We don’t have TV I have to get Satillite and that costs too much on our budget, so I’m reading and going from site to site now 6 days later. There is a plethera of info. now. I want to get started. We only have Smart Gals or something like that and they had a small tea party, but over 150 attended. I know people want to get involved we did in April, but it was so cold it was in the 40’s and a hazy day. That did not stop people, however, they came from all over our rural area. Thank you again for putting it on line. It is appreciated. Remember we care about what is happening to America and it’s future, if this country goes down what will be left?
    Elizabeth Frazier
    Rural Arizona

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