The Matinee Is Over

Michigan’s hot flick “Rise Of The Celluloid Jobs Maker” appears to be a flop.  Touted as a jobs creator for Michigan and hailed by the likes of the Teamsters union and Michael Moore for the ability to produce $20 and hour coffee gopher jobs, the Michigan film credit has apparently fallen short of the intended result. According to the Livingston Daily:

One analysis by the state Senate Fiscal Agency concluded the state government received a return of 17 cents for every $1 spent so far, while the MEDC claims the state got a $1.43 return on every $1 spent last year.

The MEDC of course, must support that particular math that adds jobs twice if only to support its own efforts and justify positions which should have ridden off into the sunset years ago.  Which is somewhat sad..  As even the “Rainman” could count.

I have pointed out before, that the study used to provide the suggested reward for the film incentive hinted that the credit of just a couple percent was sufficient to provide the intended results.  The bill which our starry eyed legislators signed on to merely added 40% to the reward.

As an aside..  note that the film industry has been promoting the credits for its business model heavily in other states creating.. competition.  Another selective use of government largess to promote the economic vision of a few, while making the whole pay for it. Government selecting winners, and ultimately making more losers.

Incentives that continue the tradition of failed bureaucratic nonsense.. that’s Pure Michigan.


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