Thou Shalt Not Kill

Thou Shalt not do Murder, Thou shalt not Murder.. But Thou shalt not “snitch?”

“Detroit’s clergy roused itself Wednesday, as it is wont to do when too many children are gunned down in too short a time, and pledged to do something about the city’s plague of teen-on-teen violence.”

“Too many children..”

Not as if to prove my point of the last post, but to stand on its own, the value of life seemingly lost on our youth.  This is a normal thing right?  Certainly no media influence could ever have provided these wayward kids an inspiration for any such acts.  OF COURSE.. it might not be the media by itself..  Perhaps the sheer number of murder clinics, which certainly start the cycle of a disrespect for human life…

Health and Human service locations

Health and Human Service locations

Or perhaps Family assistance, that wonderful place where “daddy’s” wisdom isn’t needed anymore because its become the norm to have the state pay the bills, and single parents outnumber those who are married.

There is a common name for all of these reasons that set up our society for the normalization that leads to such a tragedy…      ” Progressivism.”

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