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Following through from Right Michigan’s 5 in the sphere for today, the reader can come across this item..

“don’t feel silly about reading it before the BBQ or as the bedtime story for your kids tonight.”

This is in reference to the Declaration of Independence. The point should not be lost on the reader, as a few minutes reminding your children and family why the United States is the greatest country on earth should not be lost opportunities when they will likely have at least 13-15 years in the public schools telling them otherwise.

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  1. July 7, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Our founding is a remarkable story, and a lot more exciting than “Sam the Snake Seeks Silly Suckers”. Too many people, even conservatives, are almost embaressed to teach their children our founding ideals- they feel like they are ‘indoctrinating’ them. They have to realize that if they are not teaching their children our founding values, someone else is going to teach them another set of values. Every Sunday in our household is Bible Readings for bedtime, and every Wednesday is Revolutionary Readings for bedtime. I’m raising real patriots, and proud of it.

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