Do you think that this could not happen here?

I was going to post the video, but because of its incredible graphic nature, and statement on humanity, I have decided to leave it to you to view where I found it.

This is not the result of the supreme leader “wanting” to kill the protesters, but the result of power “unchecked,” and the ability of guns to be used on the very people whom are governed.  It is the result of a narcissistic leadership which thinks it is best to govern those people, and will enact whatever means, including the murder of its own citizens to maintain the ability to do so.

Power is a dangerous drug.

When we look at the Obama administration, examining the actions known already, and those suspected, does it not send chills down your spine to contemplate what they have already shown willingness to do?  Do these folks contemplate this type of action (shooting an innocent civilian) even now?  Likely not.  However, when push comes to shove WOULD THEY?

Jack McHugh of the Mackinac Center has often made it a point on his personal blog to note that evil should generally be dismissed as the motivation for a set of political actions.  I would tend to agree mostly, and some points he made are worth noting as we contemplate our own political posturing.  He notes:

When a group of people lose (or never learn) the habits of civility, they bring their society closer to the tragic status of Bosnia, Rwanda, Darfur, Iraq, etc.

And now Iran I would say..

This is because if you claim that I am “evil” you have closed off any possibility of civil discourse based on reason. What response can I possibly make to that assertion? Resorting to such uncivil behavior may suggest that the uncivil person cares primarily about getting or keeping power, and believes that the end justifies the means. At the very least it indicates that he is disrespectful of core democratic habits.

And that is where the other shoe drops.

Consider the nature of recent dismissals of independent investigators, the removal of “right wing support systems” with the dealership closings, the takeover of entire media conglomerates through a careful payback system, and finally the creation of new crisis’ to ensure the growth of government intervention as a necessity.  It is all calculated, yet most would not call this administration evil, though we would look at the actions of another (foreign) administration decades ago which acted similarly resulting in the extermination of millions, and a well earned dark spot in the history of humanity.

Is our administration evil?  Should we consider the actions it has already taken to solidify its power and control as evil?  Or do we wait until one or more of our citizens are lying in the street bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest to make up our minds?

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