Sometimes the comments are the best

I sometimes spend 5 minutes whipping up a blog post. However at other times it takes hours, or days to frame something in a way which is designed to instigate, yet not totally drive away the readers. Commenting is a much freer experience.  The debate has generally been framed, and your first or second thoughts after reading the articles once or twice usually inspires enough to “whip up” a response in a few minutes time.  In fact some folks are just plain spooky, and have seemingly prepared beforehand, as their answers come at a machine gun pace.The following is a comment I posted as a response to someone who might seem at first simply a troll commenting on a Paul Chesser piece at the American Spectator. David Mathews, as many “anti-conservatives” who comment frequently goes right to the Limbaugh bashing rhetoric, with a side order of “you Republicans will keep on failing.”  Standard fare for the left commenting troll as there is often little of substance to cement their arguments.  But this guy actually links to his photo stream (where there are some nice pictures actually) and elevates from a position of anon troll to at least a Tinky Winky status.

Bear in mind..  this is a comment.. not a normal posting..  And I made a minor edit here.. because I thought it was funny.

To: David Mathews

First..  You keep believing that CO2 is a pollutant.  Breathing it out is anathema to your philosophy..  so there is a way you can do your part.

Second.. You have quite a few nice pictures on your photo stream.  I would encourage people to go see them.  Funny thing how some of those flowers and plants wouldn’t do so well without the naturally occurring CO2 that those SCIENTISTS in the supreme court have declared is a pollutant.

You can hate Rush, Conservatives, Republicans all you like.  Demonstrating that fact doesn’t solve any of the problems you claim exist.  You and others like yourself are being USED by that PIG Al Gore, Pelosi, and the other authoritarian freaks in government to move THEIR agendas of power.

A Little objective reasoning is in order.  If Al Gore truly believes in what he states, would he not have sacrificed an hour of his own comfort during “earth hour?”  What about Obama, who jets around with a great big carbon footprint. Or Pelosi?  She likes HER jet too!!  You..  the proletariat, are too smelly and unworthy to enjoy her company while she commutes between “la-la” land and.. ummm “LA LA” land.  so her fat carbon print belies her stated concerns right?

Here’s the deal..  I conserve. I bought a toilet which I only have to flush once.  I separate my cardboard.  I turn off my lights at night.  I do all that I can so what I consume does not go to waste. It is a matter of conscience.  But there are people who take advantage of causes for their own personal ends. In this case, the “elite” left, working on the guilt of being human attempts to farm some of the self loathing it produces, for the power and financial reward

Your very photos show some of the symbiotic greatness humans have with the other creatures on the earth. The eagles nesting in the wonderful towers MAN created..  Great flower beds for all to appreciate.. And there are plenty of other examples as well.

We are not locusts.  And those of us who disagree with the Al Gores of the left, do so with scientific agreement that isn’t counting on a government grant or rule to make it so.  Logic, is a powerful mind altering drug that can replace the placebo of feel good (we are bad) rhetoric which emanates from the current “green” movement.  Its worth a look.

Comments can be cathartic, can say so much, and often are as good as any posting.

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