Trying to run a business, deal with employee issues, government, etc.. Writing currently at a minimum.

If you are interested in Michigan Veterans issues you might look at the reduction of field office personnel in the state as an eye opener. There is a Veterans march tomorrow May 21, 2009 in Lansing to object.

If you have been watching Granholms courting the bench as a named SC candidate, do not wish her out of Michigan that bad..  This is a woman who hasn’t a CLUE about our constitution…  “Treason” is a pretty big word for a governor to use.. What happens when she is deciding on a case where government is crapping all over your rights in a taking style? Pure authoritarian. Don’t think Cherry will be any better..  He likes her policies and style.. In fact I think he may have tried on her pumps a few times already.

Car makers shutting down dealerships to “save money?” Still trying to figure this one out.  Anyone have any idea how interfering with a separately owned business will save money?  Are there costs associated with dealing with them that I wouldn’t know about?  It seems that more sales outlets would move more cars… mmm?

Then setting a collective standard CAFE at 35MPG? Lets just NUKE Detroit and get it over with.  Of course those who support such actions have little clue (as usual) as to the REAL effect of their actions..  Here’s one for you braniacs: When a car is small and uncomfortable for car pooling, what do you suppose will happen to car pools?  What then does that mean for road and highways in and around highly dense populations??  HMMM??? MORE cars on the road perhaps?

Keep on keeping on folks..  I am a little overloaded, but not yet silenced.

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