Credit Where Credit Is Due

Michigan US Representative Bart Stupak and I will see things far differently on a number of issues, but one of them will likely never be on “Gun Rights” and the proper application of the second amendment.  So as I may on occasion provide counter agreeable discourse as to his voting in the US House, I will also show my appreciation for the good sense to acknowledge the right of ALL to defend themselves, hunt, and sport shoot as the 2nd amendment has guaranteed .

In his introduction of the “Second Amendment Restoration Act,” (H. R. 2153) Stupak supports restoring the rights of those who may have made the mistake of  [non violent] crimes previously, have paid their debt, and would like to return to being able to possess guns for whatever legitimate reason.  He re-affirms his stand that gun ownership is a protected right, not one that is GIVEN by law, but one that is to be protected by it.  He says:

Due to the way the courts have interpreted some of the most antiquated state laws, some individuals who were convicted of minor misdemeanors at the state level are treated as felons for the purposes of gun ownership, prohibiting them from owning a gun.

Stupak I believe speaks well for the Upper Peninsula constituency with regard to this type of issue.  Considering the impact of gun ownership ability on the UP economy, right down to placing food on the table.  While not as strong in his advocacy of individual and business rights in light of of other issues, I find this type of support quite critical.

Though I don’t expect H. R. 2153 to gain momentum in the far left occupied halls of congress, nor would I expect the president to sign it if it made it to that point, I do believe Stupak’s sincerity with the introduction of this bill.  Its value as forward momentum in the ongoing defense of our “protected” rights should be viewed as self evident.

Gun ownership rights recognition by our elected leadership is quite important.  It is a core policy understanding which puts me (at least on this issue) in support of this plan.  Hopefully, representative Stupak will acknowledge further overreaches by our federal government by making other attempts to restore liberties and common sense with regard to states rights.  THAT would further cement my respect and appreciation for his work.

Republicans should take note this is not a slight on the potential candidates running against Stupak in the future.  The reality that a conservative who runs as a republican on the ticket will be more aligned with my views overall, and will likely ALSO encompass a correct attitude for this particular issue, should reveal my truest allegiance.  This does not however blindly bind me to whatever candidate the republican machine puts forward, and anyone but those who speak solidly in a conservative and liberty minded tone will likely be pecked apart for their core discrepancies by THIS bird.

——————Added a little later.. ————

Hopefully people are smart enough to ignore those incredibly inaccurate commercials saying call Stupak to support the carbon cap bills.  I THINK Stupak is smart enough to tell his Democrat kin to take that bill and shove it.  If not..  I take back all the nice things I have said about common sense and serving his constituency well..  cause passing that would not be good for anyone up north who pays for heat, gas for long travels, and goods which have to be shipped.

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