Live Blogging from the bus

Well, we got off a little later than extpected, but no worries weather is cooperating, and travel looks good.  Tea Party here we come!

We have a great crew (30 showed of an expected 35) and our departure was given a sendoff by our State Senator Jason Allen and Wayne Schmidt (who brought donuts!!)  Thanks for the support guys.ed

Next stop Mt Pleasant.  More updates soon

—  10:18 —

Mt.  Pleasant pick up succesful.  a minute off and a minute on..  We will be arriving in lansing with PLENTY of time..  Spirits high and excitment building.

—– 145pm ———-

WOW!  Early estimates (waiting for a satellite shot) get us to about 4500 for the total attending.  Half way through I asked one of the police present where we were at, and she said 4000, but that it seems to have grown since she was given the number.

We have a bunch of satisfied rally goers heading back to TC now, and some will be attending the Clinch park rally @530

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