How ready we really are – A Tea Party Installment

We forget sometimes how much like ourselves others think. There are quite a few people who were ready to stand up and protest yet were not ready to stick their necks out if they thought they would be doing it alone. This is of course one of the reasons the left (or the right) will often single out the loudest voices and attack in such a way that it acts as a keystone in destroying the opposition’s message. For the tea party activity however, the activity to spend our future away came so suddenly, that quite a few of us “caught” the pickpockets in the act. And this time.. all at once.

With three days to plan the event, Three Michigan residents were the primary movers and shakers for the February 27th rally in Lansing. They pulled the permit, and notified the authorities of their intent to have a gathering in front of the capitol building. Through a few connections including this site, they were able to turn a projected 50-100 person get together into a 300 person by some counts. It was a great event, and populated by those who have been finely tuned to the rapid change in the way the government has been assuming the authority to put us into a state of permanent indebtedness.

But What happens when we have WEEKS to plan instead of days?  Or, when we have a high profile individual such as “Joe the Plumber” as an attendee/participant?  What happens when we charter buses to bring numbers from one part of the state to Lansing? And really, what shall we expect to happen now that people understand they are not alone, they are not singled out as “extreme” because they do not want government writing the story of their lives in the debt of the poorest financial decisions any generation has ever seen.

Michigan, and the nation is really quite ready it seems.  Quite prepared to deal permanent retirement to those who will ignore the plea for a return to sanity.  We will not be marginalized as selfish because we value that which is ours, as un-takeable except by open theft.  We deny the government its right to expand the powers we grant it, from that which is designed to protect us against aggressors, to the role of complete caretaker and keeper.  Our liberties depend on our ability to turn to our pet, the government, and call “heel!”

We are quite ready for the tea parties.