Enemies of the State (of Michigan..)

By looking at just last months (March 2009) voting records of Senators, Levin and Stabenow, it becomes clear that Michigan’s best interests have not been represented very well in our federal government.  Michigan has suffered the indignant reality of becoming the top Job loser during the tenure of Debbie Stabenow, and been the victim of elements destructive to a solid industrial business model (kind of important to us here in the rust belt) throughout Carl Levin’s 30 year reign.

Lets take a look at a couple of these items.  They BOTH Voted no on S. Amdt 739

To prohibit the consideration of any budget resolution, or amendment thereto, or conference report thereon, that shows an increase in the public debt, for the period of the current fiscal year through the next 10 years, equal to or greater than the debt accumulated from 1789 to January 20, 2009.

Heaven forbid they would assume a stance of responsibility which says “government should not be spending more outside of its incoming revenues in 10 years, than it did for the prior 200 plus.”

Then they saddled up with S.Amdt. 749

To require that certain legislation relating to clean energy technologies not increase electricity or gasoline prices or increase the overall burden on consumers.

Which all looks pretty cool for the consumers.. until you consider that any concern which provides energy, or production FROM energy will have to recover their increased compliance burden in SOME MANNER. So unless our congress and senate can legislate up a Genie in a bottle to fix THAT little oversight, expect there to be less of the production in energy, and more the obvious negative after effects.

Then there is the support of ACORN..  You know those folks who are a “non political” entity only interested in giving a “voice” to the “unheard.” (never mind the unheard might be so because they are DEAD or FICTIONAL… Well it seems that while Michiganders are being stripped of their seed corn, the ghosts of Detroit, Chicago, and any major graveyard will continue to be supported by your tax dollars.  The motion to “table” an amendment by David Vitter was voted for by both of our esteemed spendthrifts.  The amendment:

To prohibit ACORN, or organizations affiliated or co-located with ACORN, from receiving assistance under this Act.

Of course,  Stabenow and Levin both know full well, now that the census is controlled by the oval office, it “behooves them” to provide wormy sustenance to their grave ridden supporters.  Consider that Detroit is becoming a ghost town, industry is falling apart, and the survivors in Michigan might well take it all back over if the straight ticket dead people dont make it to the polls.  Picture an image of a Hearst with an ACORN logo on it pulling up several times to multiple polling booths all over the state.  Yes, they want to fund those folks like nobodies busines.

Sigh..  and YES much to the delight of her philandering hubby, Debbie Stabenow still supports (as does Carl Levin) the Fairness doctrine as demonstrated by her rejection of  S.Amdt. 662:

To prohibit the use of funds by the Federal Communications Commission to repromulgate the Fairness Doctrine.

Nothing like STATE CONTROLLED media to soothe the masses in the morning.  Ahhh… breathe in that fresh AIR AMERICA…

Michigan, these are our Senators.  Neither of them have ever created a product, job, or good idea.  Levin, in 3o years has helped to move the country away from rational operation based on what our framers had intended; a Free and open press, real property ownership (a fundamental of liberty) and perhaps even a one person one vote concept.  They both support an open ended budget for the federal government, and WELCOME the environmental and labor based handicaps which have caused a large part of Michigan’s economic collapse.

These are enemies of the state.  Enemies of OUR state.  Enemies of the very values which built Michigan to be the industrial giant it has been for so many decades.  Remember their faces, their deeds, their objectives.

However, If your wish is the total annihilation of free and open markets where common desires are met with consensual agreement, then they are your friends.  If you support the suppression of free and open debate in all formats, they do your bidding.  If you want the perpetuation of poverty, low incomes, and loss of jobs,  then they fight on your behalf.  And..  If you are dead, you are their core constituency.

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