Assigning Our Voices.. Our Power

In 2007, my fire was stoked. Michigan was already seeing increasing unemployment, all while the rest of the nation appeared to be in as healthy a state as ever.  Our governor, preferring to ignore the time tested methods of increasing tax revenues (creating a friendly business climate) signed into law increases and complicated additions which burdened those of us who are left.  Though I have always had my hand in politics, it has never felt as critical that I do so as it did then.

I felt the need to be heard.  I started this blog.  It is my voice.

I like to think my political desires are driven by the purest of intent.  And though I have sought no position of public power, I intend to be heard.  Perhaps it is easier to speak one’s mind when he feels that no “balance” is needed, lest he loses a constituency while rambling. To offend certain groups which are particularly classified, surely guarantees a loss of support from that group.

Any career politician might understand what I am talking about. And THAT is our problem.

Outreach is a word used to substitute for pandering.  While it is a BETTER substitute, it still has a little of the stink of the panderer.  It says “I have identified you” and “you are a part of a particular SEGMENT” and “I want you make YOU aware (specifically) of my ideals.”  Perhaps it suggests out that we cannot rise above our perceived differences without going to the “targeted” interest.  Or maybe it might be classified better as simply advertising.  Either way, it categorizes us into segments and classifications readily identifiable.  Rather than Americans, we become African-Americans, Gay-Americans, Feminists, etc..  A hyphenated country, that can hardly stand as one under a single banner.

Yet hyphenated, not as George-American, Betty-American, or any particular Individual-American, but as slightly larger groups which collectively can swing elections, move policy and reward bad law with the ability to do more of the same.  Which is largely why we have moved so far into an area which is anathema to the intent of our founders.  Once a group is identified as being separate from the whole, it becomes a target of “those who would usurp its voice.”

Blacks believe they are owed something because they are told so. Instead of moving forward and attempting to reconcile this group into the whole of the country, “leadership” such as the Jacksons or Sharptons vilify other groups claiming persistent unfairness.  They DEMAND that this constituency be heard for their own purposes.  They seek not the real integration that would cure the ailments that are claimed, but fill their own pockets from using the voice given by agreement of those within the constituency. And all failures that manifest as a result are shed as further reason to seek more of the same.

Gays want “equal rights.” To the gay constituency, the panderers, or those who reach out to let them know “its OK to be gay” become their defenders.  Instead of explaining that they have the same rights as anyone else, and that those rights are conferred upon us by our creator, (Read GOD or MOM… whichever floats your boat) the voice stealers reiterate an illogical concept that because perceived entitlements are not granted, the “rights” of gays are being abridged.

Environmentalists merely want to breathe clean air, drink pure water, want green grass and blue skies. But, who doesn’t?  There is a hyper excited group that is easily separated from reason by those eager to please politicos who want power.  The power seekers who tap the motivation of the “green” seekers with assistance from corporate entities that eagerly assist for THEIR own ends as well.  Science then becomes a perversion driven by politics or profit, and the resulting policies run a contrary end to the intent; where non toxic long standing refrigerants are replaced with those of lower efficiency that use more power and are of suspect carcinogenic quality; where emissions driven fuel mandates starve peoples and are less efficient; and where wholesale installations of solar farms overheat entire regions, and wind farms in jet streams decimate entire species of migratory birds.

Seniors have worked hard all their lives and feel they have something owed to them. They do. Yet the debt is something that has a long term problem.. It cannot be paid.  Yet their voice is one of the most valuable to the panderers and as one considered a “third rail” by most of those voice stealers, the truth becomes an avoided subject, and promises are made in order to keep control of those voices, and support.  The problems if ever solved would end the need for the representation, and subsequent power would be lost.

Union members want a living wage, and the politics of the unions becomes so convoluted with support for the voice stealers, it is likely the most hypocritical of all results.  As the representation for those who work in unions apply the very legislation that seemingly benefits them they also apply that which strangulates the business which creates the environment that could provide them even more! Yet the union glue is corrupted by internal power seekers as well, who rely on the political rewards that are rebated from the voice stealing.

We all want our voice heard. Certainly we often align ourselves with an easily identifiable group (ie: religion, race, sex..) but in our minds we all have that “little dictator” working behind the scenes that guides our individual choices and decisions.  Our choices as unique and separate human beings have the ability to create a comfortable life for ourselves,  or destroy the opportunities we discover.  When we give over to those other “little dictators” the nature of our identity, we assign them our voice to say THEIR words.  Words that call on crisis and continued angst in a refusal to give back our ability to speak.  They use our voices to prolong our need for them to do so.

So what is your motivation?  What is the price of your compliance?  Will you not be heard as an individual? Will you pledge your power to a “group” lobbying to be heard at the expense of others who want the same?  Alternately, would you prefer to produce to the best of your ability, speak out when someone will listen, and let your words or product carry their own value?

Political groups and alliances are not necessarily wrong, and those whose philosophical tenets allow for the greatest individuality after policy enactment can be seen as superior.  Those political organizations which deny the need to collect under a “label” of sexual orientation, religion, race,  for garnering support are morally right.  The political congregation whose door is open to all, but attempts to reaffirm the rights given to us by our maker (under a set of core principles) is relevant, and makes all of our voices stronger.

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