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I took on the task of writing (nearly daily) on this blog to forward my ideals, ideas and objections to the way the government, and those who support government’s uninhibited growth are taking away yours, and my own liberties a little at a time.  I have always been interested in the political side of things, but had pretty much been a side line observer until the great “service tax fiasco” of 2007 here in Michigan.  At that point, the decision to make MY voice heard was easy.  I saw the effect on MY wallet, and the day to day acceptance of the minor changes happening around me were amplified into a full blown crisis.

I suggest that we all have a “turning point.” That is, a particular set of events which , when we witness, or are subjected to will do one of a number of things.  It may change the way in which we perceive threats, acknowledge impropriety, or simply snap and retaliate for the instant realization that we have been abused in some manner.  Some of us suggest we know what our catalyst might be, yet that thing which might be a marker on one day is often moved forward for the sake of comfort, or more likely the sense that there is little that can be done at the moment.

In other words, what we accept as “unacceptable” is all too often subject to change.

These times are troubling to most.  Even the liberal-fascist elements who call for “more controls” on the population to solve the day’s troubles might not understand what it is that they advocate.  The urgency to be “fair” and equalize “outcomes” in the stead of “opportunity” has left us where we are now, yet intensified are the calls for more of the very demons which drive the problems we face as a nation.  “We should do this for the people” becomes “We should do MORE of this for the people, because we didn’t do enough.”  And the cycle moves forward.

Most arguments I find myself engaged in with liberals, moderates, and those who support a progressive stance as it pertains to government participation in your daily life usually have an element in which I defend seeing things in “black and white.”  Because I operate from a core set of principles (or attempt to..  sadly I am hardly perfect) I fail to see the value of certain “nuanced” positions which are often forwarded.  However, most politicians feel that compromise is key to forwarding any agenda, and core beliefs are all too often sacrificed based on the tear in one’s eyes for their fellow man.

Does this mean that I care less? No.  In fact, I would argue that my concern for my fellow man is far more important than whether he has a roof over his head, electricity or running water, or is entitled to free health care.  My hope for the people I care about, is that possessing the gift of life, the unbridled potential of mind, and the rights we are born with is protected from those who would restrict, abolish, or usurp.

What is more valuable?  Being given the place in which you lay down to sleep, or the ability to discover, create and live.  Slavery inhibits this.  Slavery is exactly what we become drawn into, when we promote the unlimited government authority by silence, or implied agreement. When we elect those who use envious reasoning to turn one man against another. When we fail to contradict bad law which moves progressive agendas forward.  When we fail to hold on the the moral standards which we claim to believe, yet shun at a time of convenience and expedience.

Walter Williams discusses morality:

Do you believe that it is moral and just for one person to be forcibly used to serve the purposes of another? And, if that person does not peaceably submit to being so used, do you believe that there should be the initiation of some kind of force against him? Neither question is complex and can be answered by either a yes or no. For me the answer is no to both questions but I bet that your average college professor, politician or minister would not give a simple yes or no response. They would be evasive and probably say that it all depends.

Yes or No.  Nuance be damned.

Do you believe your personal liberties, your rights are worth less than your neighbors?  Yes.. or NO
Do you believe that it is right to add to your debt without your permission?  Yes.. or NO
Do you believe that any individual or agency of individuals have the right to assume contract on your possessions without your consent? Yes.. or NO
Do you believe that if you fail to give up that which is yours except by contract, that you shall forfeit your life to the whim of “society”? Yes.. or NO

These are fundamentals. There is no reason to seek out “middle ground,” yet we have elected consistently, those who would find a “yes” within them for political expedience.  None of those questions depend on any modifier.  None of those questions should be answered to the affirmative, except by those who would see you enslaved to their whim.

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