What does the future hold for General Motors?

As General Motors faces impending bankruptcy, the federal government is unlikely to address the true problem which faces the former auto giant. Environmental extremism and legislative corruption and power seeking.

A glimpse into the near future?

A glimpse into the near future?

Call it what it is. Green science is JUNK Science, and merely a tool for looters and usurpers of our liberties. Further, the political machine in place which keeps business from managing its own affairs without the influence of an oppressive government will continue on until becomes too much of a burden, and businesses disappear one by one. Will last rites for GM begin now?


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  1. March 12, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    Y’know, I campaigned for the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) in Indiana in 2005; sort of cutting my political teeth. I understand the value of cleaner energy sources, and have long understood the value of sensible conservation and non-pollution. For that matter, we’ve had a clean energy source in Michigan for a few generations now in the form of hydroelectric dams.

    But I also know that, if the private sector can’t find the profit in it, then they’re not going to invest time and resources, and no government mandate (or advertising campaign) will change that. I also know that wind and solar, for all of their benefits, have drawbacks that make them completely useless as backbone power sources (which is why Holland hasn’t shut down a single coal-fired plant yet). And if the private sector could make money off of it, then they’d do it tomorrow, and no government regulation would stop them.

    So government ought to simply set a reasonable standard, and otherwise get the hell out of the way. The private sector will take it from there.

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