Hello.. IS THIS THING ON??!!

Not like I have advocated the judicious pursuit of a solid fiscal policy in this state among other common topics.  I surely haven’t spent any time suggesting the higher taxes are not only counter productive to state coffers and general revenue increases, and that they are oppressive and chase population FROM the state.  I must be too tired as well, to yell FROM THE TOP OF MY LUNGS THAT LANSING AND MICHIGAN GOVERNMENT IS KILLING THE LIVELIHOOD OF MICHIGANDERS!!!!!  [deep breath]  so I will continue to be lazy, and let Michigan tell its own story.

Americans For Prosperity (AFP) has some interesting information based on Michigan residents responding to recent polling, and rated our leadership in Lansing.

  • 73 percent of Michigan residents disapprove of the way the state legislature handles budget and tax issues,  57 percent believe the state’s taxes are too high, and 54 percent believed it was important to target wasteful spending on programs that do not work.
  • 72 percent of those surveyed believed to prevent spending through requiring a 2/3 vote in the legislature to raise taxes
  • Lower-income Michigan residents also oppose higher taxes with over 54 percent rejecting the idea of raising taxes on others.
  • 89 percent of respondents opposed taxes on the working poor and lower income groups.

Fascinating…  And Scott Hagerstrom (Who, by the way was generous enough with his time to join us in Lansing in February for the Tea Party) elaborates further in the press release for Michigan:

The survey also finds that lower-income Michiganders oppose higher taxes, even if they are not forced to pay them. 54.7 percent of respondents earning under $30,000 rejected the idea of raising taxes on others.

ARE YOU LISTENING MR. OBAMA? um.. MRS MULHERN .. er.. Governor Granholm???!!

Apparently, its not ME, but nearly everyone else..  Maybe THEY matter a little more.  OR perhaps I could borrow the “consensus is” approach used by our illustrious leadership whern lying through their teeth about the next great financial boondoggle.  You know.. the ones that say “ALL ECONOMISTS AGREE…” when discussing how they feel there is support for passage of generational theft. (kinda makes one throw up a little  when hearing it)

Yeah..  can’t say I have ever had this opinion.. Go read the rest of it, and look at the data.