Elkhart Indiana.. Tell Your Tale.

NBC news is cashing in on the food distribution services story in Elkhart IN where unemployment approaches 20% and the Feed The Children group has set up shop to give food to those who because they have lost their jobs cannot feed their own.  The NBC News team decried the ongoing troubles we all face through out the country in the piece as times get tougher.

So Elkhart, as the home of the destroyed RV industry which has seen the sudden downturn as a result of green politics and irresponsible government tell your story.  Elkhart, which in flyover country, must endure the partisan results of the insanity spawned by left and east coast politics which destroy incentives to business.  Elkhart Indiana, a proud middle class, midwestern working folks populated town.

Elkhart, tell that GE Owned government teat sucking pig NBC news your tale.. Tell them that THEY did this to you with green peacocks, misleading reports and highly slanted journalism.  Tell them to take their now taxpayer subsidized money losing, socialist looting operations and get the hell out of your town.  Tell them your tale and tell them to shove it up thiers.