The 20 year "Rid Ourselves of Healthcare" Plan..

The rush to implement the biggest spending bill ever, and the senators who have promised to sign the stimulus package into law don’t even know what is in it.  Specter, seemingly surprised at the inclusion of the Health care management initiative included, says that he would make sure that they were “clarified” and “corrected” and that we could be “rest assured” that he would prevent new federal bureaucrats from dictating medical treatments.

Really?  IZZAT So Senator?  You didnt know it was IN THERE to begin with, yet you expect us to believe you will be on top of this?  Give it up and find a home sir, your time has come.

As to the origin of this provision buried half way through the 700 Plus page document?  Michelle Malkin believes it should be called “Daschle’s revenge.” Malkin quotes Betsy McCaughey:

“Tragically, no one from either party is objecting to the health provisions slipped in without discussion. These provisions reflect the handiwork of Tom Daschle, until recently the nominee to head the Health and Human Services Department.”

McCaughey further points out Daschle’s earlier comments “doctors have to give up autonomy and “learn to operate less like solo practitioners.””

Daschle’s revenge indeed. Not too far a cousin to Montezuma’s Revenge, the sickness from drinking the water..  in this case it is the Kool-Aid being handed out to the public.  A public being “feared” into believing SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!

Before folks start thinking a government managed system is the best for all.. Recall that I have posted on this before.  The LOGICAL end result of a bureaucrat controlled medical system is the eventual frustration of those who have chosen health care for their careers.

Anyone who runs a business understands the level of consideration it takes to remain profitable, and provide a service of value.  A level of consideration that those without a stake in the outcome cannot possibly have.  A doctor is his own business, and will fail or succeed based upon his or her talents and capability.  Add to it additional burdens of meeting the expectations of a government official?

If these violations of our rights, and our humanity are allowed to continue, we will be no better off than the most inviable third world nation.  It takes several years to work through the cycle of training a physician, and several years to fully develop most businesses. With the rewards rapidly disappearing through socialization and “results based engineering,” we will find fewer who are willing to try.