MY Stimulus Package

How about a solution which will get ALL of the unemployed in Michigan who want to work a job in less than 3 months? Though radical and new, this idea is far less dangerous than the current plan as it forces no one to pay for failure by another’s hands. Are you ready willing to learn the secret of of a fuller more productive and GOOD life? Are we as a people brave enough?

Its called “Freedom”

Freedom from a government telling you that you need to pay those who perform a service for you a “specific” amount.
Freedom to negotiate a contract without outside intervention which can be achieved instead of empty promises that are impossible to fulfill.
Freedom to Create, Experiment, Innovate, and Build without fear of doing it wrong, and being able to accept the consequence of that action.
Freedom to live where we want, unencumbered by unnatural restrictions, and limited only in ways that protect those who wish do do likewise.
Freedom to determine who is worthy of our financial assistance, based on our experiences with them, and their accountability for their own actions.

Rid ourselves of Minimum wage requirements AND unemployment encumbrance.

Minimum wages create a situation where SOME employers cannot hire at all because of the value that some jobs carry. Cost benefit at a minimum wage level isn’t worth paying for certain jobs, so NO one benefits financially from those tasks that need to be performed.

Further, due to government, creative contracts between willing employers, and prospective employees for probationary periods are limited. To expand on this, consider a $2 /hour starting wage to learn and allow the prospective employer to determine if the employee will fit in. IF the employee is really good, why wouldn’t the employer want them, and pay a sustaining wage into the future?

People will motivate readily when they have no choice. Real wealth is created when people are Doing, building creating, not when they are sitting pitifully watching TV waiting for the postman to deliver the biweekly couch sitting payment. The unemployment tax is a burden on employers, and ultimately is merely money shuffled around with a vigorish (gambling term.. look it up) going to the government.

The money paid into the system, is that which can no longer be used to expand the business, develop new processes, or bring new products to market.. It also reduces the ability to expand wages when times are good, and adds to costs associated with compliance. If it did not exist, would not the worker in general be more responsive to his work environment, and financial planning?

Government needs to stay out of OUR Businesses …PERIOD.

Right to work legislation MUST be passed in Michigan and elsewhere. Further, The NLRB should be abolished along with any and all government agencies which regulate, enforce or otherwise coerce business to hire folks who they might not otherwise hire. Unions themselves are not necessarily evil, however the method of government protection they carry is antithetical to their mission of bargaining as collectives.

As we have seen too often, claims made as to racism, unfair hiring, firing, passing up on promotions etc., result in extraordinary costs to employers.  This does little but provide a reason for a government agency to exist, plugs our courts, and reduces the financial resources used for further hiring . The mere threat of the hammer of government is enough for some managers and business owners to make the wrong decisions in hiring as they fear the paperwork and eventual haranguing of some paper pusher government hack who has no understanding of how those decisions are made and for what reasons.

Limit restrictions on drilling, discovery, building or creation to the actual liability these processes carry, and stiffen penalties and personal liability for abuses.

Too often the permitting processes create and incredible time lag between conception and implementation. Professionals who develop land areas, or create new means of dealing with environmental issues are keenly aware of the impact they have on the rest of us. By adding true accountability, but reducing the constant oversight beforehand, projects can move more quickly, and money spent on the permitting processes can be better used to insure proper implementation of the projects.

Certain zoning ordinances should be considered for change or made more easily challenged.

Zoning is designed to keep a community within a “master plan” with certain parts (ie: Industrial businesses from popping up in areas such as residential locations.) of a community sequestered into certain areas. However, there are other parts of zoning ordinances which merely meet the personal goals of a particular “mini planner” such as outbuilding sizes and actual home size restrictions.

Nothing says “I don’t want the poor here” like a minimum size requirement for a housing structure in a zoned area. In the process of building wealth, some of us have to do without certain amenities, and might be willing to live in a smaller home until we can afford to upgrade. Zoning requirements too often limit our choice and tend to segregate the “financial classes.” Further, it has been done with great success before.

Eliminate ALL forms of government assistance, the ADA, and establish the Federal income tax at a fixed lower rate that is EQUAL to ALL.

The ADA costs add up in statutory requirements on buildings, public transportation, schools and a host of business activities. The requirements and penalties for non compliance are too broad, and do not allow for efficient and thoughtful application of solutions for the intended results.

Public assistance merely supplants that which would happen naturally by caring groups and charities. Government knows not the people they attempt to heal or help. Nor does it have the ability to efficiently assess what is really needed to prevent the afflicted from becoming so. Assistance begets assistance, ..and corruption. Accountability arising from those who currently seek broad assistance would be demanded. And those charities which do so much even now, would have a better handle on who is indeed worthy of help.

The federal income tax code is complicated, and the elimination of federal assistance programs would allow it to be set at a fixed rate that would be hardly onerous to any, and would encourage upward mobility. Government size could be reduced and more Americans would return to productive means with our overall wealth increasing exponentially. Less taxes also means more available for the truly philanthropic.
So there you have it. MY Stimulus package.