MiGOP Legislators Putting it out there for all to see

Nothing like a little transparency to keep government in line.  Michigan Republican House members are taking the lead by placing their expense accounts on line for all to see.  Granholm is fighting it, citing the added cost to list the expenditures.Says the Detroit NEWS:

“House GOP leader Kevin Elsenheimer of Kewadin announced Thursday that he has put his officeholder accounts on-line, and all 42 other Republican House members have agreed to do the same over the next few weeks. Each lawmaker has a state account of about $100,000 to pay two aides, and cover mailing, stationery, other supplies and office operations.”

Bingo!  What is so hard about that?

Michigan Attorney General  Mike Cox, and Sec of State Terri Land have both made efforts to provide transparency in the past.  this is a genuine attempt at rebuilding the trust in our electe officials.  Hopefully the Democrats in the legislature will join with them.  If they do, will our governor jump on board as well?