I Will Not SHUT UP.

As renewed calls come from our very own Junior Senator Debbie Stabenow to enforce what is known as the fairness doctrine, I am digging the trenches for our stand on free speech. Michigan’s senator Stabenow is just a political tool.  Debbie Stabenow hasn’t had an original thought in the years she has “served” this state in the political capacity of senator, state senator, representative and state rep.  Her entire political career has been THAT… merely a career.

We all seek job security, but she has contributed NOTHING outside of the public life she has enjoyed.  Debbie Stabenow has only had publicly PAID FOR employment, beginning while she was in graduate school.  Her entire motivation has been the pursuit of public office and early in her political career even tried for the Governor’s seat.  In 2003, Stabenow married Tom Athans, who was/is the executive vice president of Air America? (yeah.. also the same guy who was NOT prosecuted for his 2008 hooker adventure, while the hooker was..)

And now she is actively rent seeking through her advocating of the fairness doctrine.  The implementation of which “levels” the playing field for the failing liberal radio networks like those her husband is actively earning an income from. The very same networks which cannot find a real market audience that supports its radical left agenda enough to be profitable.

The Hollywood types such as Barbara Streisand seem to take an interest in Michigan’s welfare, with a consistent support of Stabenow and Levin both. In fact Stabenow raked in $671,727 for her 2006 campaign cycle from the great state of California all by itself.  California interests didn’t worry as much about Carl Levin and gave him a paltry $307,185 for his recent round.They Know Carl, with his 30 years is not at risk, but Debbie is.

Why?  Stabenow is a tool.  This isnt by itself an insult to the lifelong politician, but it speaks to her worth to those who have been rubbing their hands waiting for payback for McCarthy’s “communist hunts” several decades ago.  She is a tool of the elite leftists with agendas from “gay rights” to socialist green efforts.  She isn’t recognized as the brightest bulb in the senate, and they know they can mold her will to meet their own, yet need to keep her propped up, because she couldn’t do it without their help. And she doesn’t care because its a job with benefits.

Why am I saying all of this?

Because I can.  At least right now I can offer my opinion.  But if Debbie Stabenow’s handlers get their way, and after the conservative radio is silenced, I, and my conservative blogging friends will be next.

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  1. February 6, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Debbie is not only a tool but a fool as well. I hope the people of this country are smart enough not to let this happen. I bet we can really raise some hell if they try. I think they have to make the move rather than talk about it before people will rise up. I know I am ready. There is nothing fair about the fairness doctrine. Making us listen to unsubstaniated commentary is painful. And they said they were against torture.

  2. Nh
    February 7, 2009 at 2:28 am

    It’s like this everywhere. NH lost its best people to extreme leftist like Shaheen, Hodes and Porter. It’s digusting!

  3. February 7, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    Stabenow also doesn’t learn from history. The “Fairness” Doctrine was tried before and didn’t work. But this is typical of Democrats. There was talk of lowering the speed limits again too, tried before, didn’t work.

    The only thing Stabenow is good for is nothing.

  4. February 7, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    The Dems keep making noise about abrogating the First Amendment to insure “balance.” They cannot account for the consistent failure of statist broadcasting, AKA Air America, without resorting to some theory of conspiracy which only government can correct.

    I have commented extensively on the FEC application of the “fairness doctrine” represented by McCain-Feingold, aka The Incumbent Protection Act.

    “The appropriate response to federal threats to “internet free speech” is not to beg for an exemption, but to refuse to acknowledge that free speech is divisible into categories. The appropriate response would have been for ten thousand bloggers to violate the law in every conceivable and most obvious way and dare the FEC to sue them. This concept has been called “civil disobedience.” It has had some success in the past.”

    Bring it on. I do not think Beck, Hannity or Limbaugh will be silenced any more than Hot Air, Mark Steyn or Power Line would be. Any more than I would be.

    This is simply an opportunity for the Dems to once again reveal their true colors. They pursue it at the risk of pushing us just a bit further toward revolution. Once you are criminalized for what you think, what next?

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