Remakes – The same old story

Though there has been SOME support going into the new presidency, Conservatives and those of us on the right have made our point.. already.  We have called out the “one” as what he is, a Marxist, Extreme Liberal Leftist, and wanna be KIng.  We did this BEFORE the election, and those of you who said we were off our nut, insisting that Barack Obama couldn’t harm the economy or the country as bad as his predecessor are going to get a hell of a lot of “I Told You So’s.”

In the movies, a remake is often an attempt at taking a relatively popular film (and sometimes FAILED ones) and try to “bring it out” to its potential.  If possible to “perfect it” and toss the flaws of the old film production.  The same situational story line is generally used, but the BIG change is usually the new actors and technology. In this event, and with an Obama administration, we have “FDR remade” perhaps, and while the debate on whether FDR’s “infrastructure rebuilding” actually helped continues,  I should note it has the flavor of others as well…

Consider if you will, the cult of personality used by dictators to firmly entrench themselves in the psyches of their subjects and citizens. Pictures reflecting Benevolence, and public service, and even imagery suggesting a divine nature to their presence.  The psychology is is incredible, and was popularly used for Castro, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin to name ONLY a few.  These listed were also the products of countries in crisis, and popularity steeped in propaganda led the peoples of their respective countries to realize ultimately only ruin and betrayal of the leaders and failure of promised results.

This presidency has been running the trailer for the remake for some time.  The advertising expenses are up, and attendance is assured.  Even the US flag is being changed to incorporate his visage.  We have already seen him usurp the presidential seal PRIOR to the election, and the comparisons done to his opponent in the election much like the Mac and PC commercials have all done little to encourage solutions based in logic but draw on the emotional attachment to “the man.”  This type of idolatry tends to bring on the type of leadership of those I alluded, (Castro, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin) and not of an FDR situation.

In this remake, you might want to read the book first. The current project’s special effects might be better, and the actors more polished, but don’t for a minute let yourself forget that it will end the same. It always does.