Malkin sums up conservative news totals

Michelle Malkin’s Jan 4, 2009  Post “Who says conservative bloggers don’t do reporting?” Lays out a list of conservative bloggers who have brought real news out that the “MSM” might have missed.  For conservative and even liberal readers, this is quite an extensive list of newbreakers who don’t reside within the traditional media outlets.  Alas, however the breaking news of Pelosi’s questionable involvement in an industry which would benefit from high gas prices as she kept them there was partially mis attributed..

But as it was #dontgo who took our little story and found thousands more readers.. I can hardly complain, as it is about the corruption in which our politicians are immersed, not me, or this snarky blog. (but i HAD to write something on it didnt I? .. sigh)

Thanks to Michelle Malkin, and Bill Collier the heat was on.. for at least a little while..