For Granholm, Pelosi – Baby Bellies futures look good!

Pelosi soon to be leading the fight to put FOCA on the table. Consider that you have Amgen Inc as the top contributor to her war chest in 2007-2008 cycle.. That $42K towards keeping you in office WELL worth it.. huh girl?!  WOOT!  Amgen among a number of others has a stake in the harvesting of our young for “bio research.”  Of course madame speaker played up the “contraceptive angle” which might not survive, but FOCA sure is a good second place wouldn’t you say Nan?

In Michigan, Granholm prefers Amgen’s fierce competitor Genetec.. But they both support abortion. For those of you who cry foul at the “inhumane” treatment of our food animals being butchered.. just paint a cows image in your mind’s eye on the baby facing the knife..  makes a little more sense now.. hmm?

Considering the embryo windfall coming up, my bet is that these meat eating rivals cozy up as the food dish becomes fuller..

1 comment for “For Granholm, Pelosi – Baby Bellies futures look good!

  1. January 28, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Pelosi v Granholm in a political celebrity death match.

    No, they aren’t going to fight each other to the death… they’re facing off to see which one gets to do more for the death-dealing company of their choice!


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