The 2nd Annual Gander Awards

Last year we unveiled the Michigan Taxes Too Much’s Annual “Gander Awards.”  The awards are randomly attributed to our wonderful policy makers and those who hold a substantial influence on government policy in the state of [chaos] Michigan.  The year has more possibilities than I could fit here, and we will begin accepting nominations for next year’s awards in the next 12 months.  Without further ado,

We present to you the results of this year’s Gander awards.

Kwame Kilpatrick – for Best Lead in a Dropping Soap Drama.

The Detroit City Council – for best Ensemble cast in a miserable sequel.

Jennifer Granholm – Once again for Lead actress in a disaster story, and female lead in a miserable sequel.

Andy Dillon – Best Performance as an “Unstoppable Villain ” in a Horror Story

Scott Hudson – For best use of Animal Props in a political Ad

The entire Michigan Legislature – for best ensemble cast in a Horror story.

Carl Levin – Wins the special Fidel Castro award for a lifetime’s worth of bad performances.

UAW Chief Ron Gettlefinger – Best Actor in a Daytime Drama

Ford CEO Alan Mulally – as Most Believable Hero in a daytime drama

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli – Runner up Most Expendable Actor in a horror story

GM CEO Rick Wagoner – Most Expendable Actor in a horror story

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  1. December 27, 2008 at 4:35 am

    You made the choice real hard this year. Maybe we should give them all an award, We do not want to hurt their self esteem.

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