What DOES Michigan want? Michigan.. you paying attention?

Tuesday, Michigan voters can salvage what little decency they have left by pulling for the right folks, and thinking seriously about the two proposals which likely will guide us forward for years to come.  The people, the politicians, the wannabe leaders and lawmakers and policy molders have inundated us with advertisements proclaiming why they are best.  The proposals, though seemingly straight forward, have side effects as well.

While keeping it simple, I would like to look at the proposals first.

Proposal One, allowing medicinal use of Marijuana.  While I support it’s passage as a means to advance dialog in lessening government intrusion with regard to personal responsibility issues, I also understand there are folks who object to it based on “societal consequence.”  The fear it will lead to unintended costs through higher health care costs and drug related “accidents.”  My answer to that is to suggest a more aggressive role in reducing government “fail safes” for the type of behavior the opponents of this proposal fear.

Proposal Two, essentially allowing unlimited emryonic research.   Pretty much my objection to it in those words: “Unlimited Ebryonic Research.”  A line in the actual ballot language specifically asks voters to approve ANY FUTURE RESEARCH unencumbered by restrictions place upon them by government.  A little too open ended if you ask me.  Add to this the increasing disregard for human life which continues to drive vicious killings, and gang related activities.  It DOES make a difference.  Also, the line which restricts laws to control this activity opens the doors for TAXPAYER funding of the activity.  BAD LAW in my opinion.

Now the people races..

State Rep races, have been heating up.  And contrary to what you would think is common sense, it seems the Democrats have been making inroads into what would normally be seen as safe republican areas.  The reason I tout as contrary to what is right, is because the Democrats, with the enabler in the governor’s mansion.  They KILLED the auto industry along with the help of our national congress.  For 6 years under the leadership of Democrats in the house and our failure of our governor Granholm to understand basic cause and effect Michigan has been spearheading the recession the country now faces.  While we have a final bulwark in the senate, we found out last year that even that isn’t enough when the threat of shut down was laughed off by Democrats refusing to budge, and passing higher taxes for ALL of us.

US Senate and House of Representatives… OK Michigan, how bad do you want to stick it to the rest of the country?  We can finish them off by giving the Nancy Pelosi’s, the Harry Reid’s and the possible “Imperial Leader in Chief” Barack Obama free reign unfettered with what we want later, and deliver more Michigan style governance into the national scene.  Surely you want the rest of the country to feel our pain..  to understand what we have been going through, and then some right?

No I didnt think so.

Bottom line is this: If we deliver for example, Senator Levin back into power, we give the go ahead for whatever mechanisms the Left majority can dream up for at least 2 years.  If you think private balloting in your Union is important you dont want these guys.  If you ever want to start your own business, these arent your people.  If you don’t feel like carrying the water for folks who decide NOT to work, then consider voting for ANY Democrat at a national level a MAJOR mistake.  As for complaining later?  May not happen.  It has been said that the “fairness doctrine” is a priority for a House, Senate, and Executive office controlled by the Democrats.

The President. The man who can stop the most insane of laws from affecting your life short of an override by congress.  Next to the last best check, stop, or limiter of an already over reaching congress.  And though there is still the Supreme Court, the wrong person as executive office holder alongside a willing senate can have chilling results when it comes to the selection of a Justice.  Consider this..  Jennifer Granholm is a relatively young lawyer..  She has done a wonderful job running Michigan (choke) right?  Given that she has NO political career beyond 2010, what office do YOU think she would like to have, given the opportunity?  And if Michigan sends its electoral go ahead to “the One,” she will have done enough to earn it.

To my Michigan family,  consider this a plea for common sense.  We have failed BECAUSE of the liberal policies in Lansing, because of the refusal to deliver responsibility for the failures to the proper causes.  If we further enable those who take increasing amounts from our wallets, design policies which raise our energy costs, and create environments which discourage growth, then we ALL will suffer.  I could embellish the reasoning behind some of the above words, but I must insist your own thoughts if followed logically, will bring you to the same conclusions.

Its all about what we want.  About what is best.  Please pass this message along..  before it is too late.

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  1. John F
    November 3, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Michigan at this stage of the game, should be the least expensive state in the union to do business in. When this state is viewed by potential new business do they perceive any rational advantage? Why bail out the auto giants here? It would be a brief pass through infusion to a parasitic Michigan government. The democrats have shown their colors here for the last 30 years. Their so called fight for the little guy is a disaster.

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