The Choice is Clear

It is difficult to remember now why exactly I became a Republican. I remember in high school, thanks to peer pressure, supporting the moronic Jimmy Carter. A few short years later, after joining the military, I realized what a putz Mr. Aforementioned Moron was. My support turned to the Original Governator, Ronald W. Reagan. It was then and there (even though my dad was a life-long Republican) that my political philosophy was forged in the fires of Democrat-Socialist-HELL. I became a small government conservative.

Since then, we have been subjected to out-of-control spending, and the growth of the Nanny State. Cutting taxes creates revenue, Bush and the GOP got that right. But rather than using the increased revenue to grow us out of our deficits, and national debt, which would, in turn allow for the eventual elimination of those taxes (since they would no longer be needed), the GOP joined with Congressional Democrats in growing the Nanny State, just with a whole new Suckling Constituency – the Middle Class. After 28 years of Republican domination in politics (the little bit that Democrats controlled anything was overshadowed by their acquiescence to the GOP agenda; e.g., Clinton’s support of Welfare Reform), the largest recipient of the government largesse is middle-class America.

Even the talk today about education, college loans, health care, mortgage bailouts, etc. all center on how Nanny Washington is going to help the middle class. Both Obama and McCAin are talking about middle class tax cuts, and more benefits for the middle class. It will never end until the federal government completely controls our lives. Benefits which are handed out by the government are no benefit to our society – it erodes our infrastructure, and corrupts our citizens.

There is a difference in this election, however. Both candidates, as mentioned above, desire to give more entitlements (including lower tax rates – supposedly) to the middle-class, but Obama wants to penalize those who are creating the wealth in this country. McCain’s desire is to cut taxes on those Obama wishes to punish.

McCain has also promised spending cuts – that was the main reason that he opposed Bush’s tax cuts. He knew that once these politicians got more tax revenue, they would find new ways of spending it – so he insisted that any tax cuts be matched by spending cuts. This is something that he will do as the new president. Obama, on the other hand, will increase spending by 100s of billions of dollars. This will only create more national debt, and encourage the politicians to increase taxes (which Democrats think will raise revenue – they are wrong).

We have a choice this Tuesday. Larger government and higher taxes vs. Limiting government and lower taxes. Endless regulation and loss of liberty vs. Proper regulation and increasing liberty. Using war to help his Muslim friends vs. attaining victory and getting us out of the war. The choice is clear.

Vote McCain, November 4th.

4 comments for “The Choice is Clear

  1. jgillman
    November 1, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    Good point about McCain and cutting spending. Can you imagine the success if we could lower taxes further and reduce spending for real in government? The deficits would disappear quickly.

    Will it actually happen? Problem is the folks like this fool: (who actually believes Obama will pay her mortgage) will always have their hand out.

  2. November 1, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    Hey, they can keep sticking their hand out…

    …and I’ll just keep cutting them off.

  3. Cougaress
    November 2, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    Good point about taxes. Why is it so clear to us “average Joes” yet so complicated by politicians?

    I won’t get started about people believing Dems will pay their mortgages – while the rest of us are cutting out non essentials like cable, eating out, vacations, etc; to make sure we can pay our mortgage!

  4. Ed Burley
    November 2, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    I would go so far as to point out that it isn’t as simple as politics. At one time, the Democrats were indeed the Populist Party, embracing policies that were pro-business and pro-worker at the same time. They were pro-defense and pro-life. At that time, it was the Country Club Republicans that ruled the roost in the RNC. After Goldwater, that largely changed.

    The Democrats that you speak of do know that tax cuts creates revenue. They actually don’t care about raising revenue; they care about driving business from our shores – and even nationalizing those businesses. The more businesses that leave, the less capitalistic we are, and the more power they can grab.

    Remember, the most wealthy members of Congress are Democrats. They don’t want to pay higher taxes; they use the tax hikes as weapons against the “neuvo riche,” those that didn’t have money, until their businesses became successful.

    The Old Rich (i.e., Democrats and Country Club Republicans) can’t stand those successful businesspeople. So, they penalize them; in order to put them out of business. Create more dependence on the government. That’s what it is all about.

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