Jack Hoogendyk a fine choice for MI GOP spot.

The Michigan US senate race was seen as un-winnable for the Republicans in 2008.  So rather than support the David v. Goliath effort made by Jack Hoogendyk, the Michigan Republican Party decided its resources were better used for the state representative races, many of which were lost anyhow.  Decisions were made, and likely the outcome of Hoogendyk v. Levin wouldn’t have been different but for the resulting point spread.

The National stage, and the pull out of McCain resources helped to stress an already formidable task of delivering the Republican message.  And as many opt for a “straight ticket,” the coat tail landslide was inevitable due to the hard slant of media and event driven politics.

Republicans were going to lose.  Partly because of the “phenomenon of frenzy” driven by the possibility of a new era of equality, but also in part by the loss of a message by Republicans seeking to lead us.  John McCain had an opportunity to help ALL the republican candidates simply by adhering to principle.  A simple NO vote on the bailout package.  the very package that an estimated 80% of the citizenry KNEW to be a poor use of the government, and ultimately the taxpayer’s money.  He could have separated himself, and led the other Republicans by demonstrating true leadership.

If the people have a choice of socialist Republicans, and Democrat socialism…  they will elect the PROS to do it..  and they did.

Saul Anuzis is better suited for the national stage. I support his decision to seek the RNC chairmanship.  He is as Technologically able as ANY who vie for the position, and his ability to use the media 2.0 to deliver the message is on track.  This would serve the National Committee well, to help other STATE parties get up to speed, and as he said yesterday on a conference call “to rebuild from the ground up in areas which have little or no party structure.” From a technical, and growth of party aspect, he is the logical choice.

In Michigan, we have an entirely different issue however.  After so many years of left leaning control, there should be little doubt as to what the causes of our despair might be.  However, THAT message did not surface as it should have.  So in yet another failure both from the leadership in Michigan, to the compromise of principle by our presidential, and other candidates, the message was diluted, and people were left STILL thinking the entire problem lay at George Bush’s feet, instead of the failed social gerrymandering policies of the Michigan legislature and our Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Some might argue the crushing defeat Jack Hoogendyk was dealt does not lend to him credibility of the leadership necessary to bring the party back to its feet. However, given the complete absence of support by the state party, a  20 to 1 funding advantage by Levin, and the Incumbency of said senator, it was inevitable as a hairball’s failure to advance in the 100 MPH winds of Change. This is not an excuse but merely an explanation.

Jack Hoogendyk is likely the most principled man in Michigan Politics today.  It would be an honor to see him serve as chair of the Michigan Republican party.  His foundation of core principles underlies the strength of the Republican and conservative message.  His historical lack of deviating from traditional values sets a standard that all Republicans statewide should seek.

Consider this an Endorsement.

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