Gun control in India, and it's result in terrorism

The recently (and presently still unresolved) terrorist attack in Mumbai, India has been on my father’s 46″ Sony HD TV – Fox News of course. This of course lead up to a conversation between dad and myself about how gun control might have allowed for this to happen. I figure it’d be a good thing to write about.

Before I start though, I think it’s important to examine how the attacks went down. The attacks in India weren’t conducted via remotely detonated IEDs or Boeing aircraft, but rather by assailants actually raiding various hotels and other locales, which include a Jewish center (yeah, religious tolerance my ass). This is interesting, because I’m willing to postulate that such method of attack here on US soil would be extremely ineffective, at least in locations where restrictions on the ability to keep and bear arms are minimized. Why? It’s simple. What do you think is going to happen if Johny Jihad and a couple of his buddies decided to roll into a business where many of the occupants are packing? It’s pretty simple, they sure as hell aren’t going to get very far without a fight.

I thought I was going to write a bit more, however upon stumbling upon an article by an Indian named Abhijeet Singh, I figure it’d be best to just link to the article (which was actually written back in 2005) – it does a hell of a job describing the link between terrorism in India and restrictions on firearms ownership. Without further ado, here it is. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. November 28, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    Johnny Jihad walks into my favorite cafe. The cafe is crowded. Johnny has a bomb attached to him. If I am fortunate to see that he is going blow us up before he does it, I take out my legally concealed handgun and shoot him preventing him from detonating his bomb.

    If I don’t see it coming I’m dead and my weapon will have not done any good. However, I’m sure that the chances are good that Johnny Jihad will not even try such a thing here just for the very reason he knows that he may fail because of someone like me.

    I love my Second Amendment rights. I carry a concealed weapon because I was inspired to do so by a police officer some 20+ years ago after I helped him out on traffic stop gone bad outside Lansing, Mi. He had no backup nearby and I pulled a perp off of him.

    This in turned saved my own butt last winter when two men tried breaking into my apartment. Of course I don’t need a CCW in my home, but because of that incident 20 years ago I turned into a Second Amendment supporter by purchasing firearms for self-defense.

    I really believe that there is a correlation here between not owning arms and owning arms. Johnny Jihad is aware of this too.

  2. John F
    December 1, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    Owning a weapon of any sort is a grave responsibility. Deliberate restraint has to be thought out in advance, with a nod to the absolutes of local law. When it comes to Mr. Jihad and his nonsensical acts, I suggest he choose his venue very carefully.

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