Michigan Paying for Nebraska Talent Scouts?

In an apparent attempt to reduce the Michigan unemployment rate, and perhaps do a little political face saving, the Granholm administration has a NEBRASKA recruiting agency is setting up in the Traverse City Michigan Works! office today, and in Kalkaska on Thursday.  The Mackinac Center reports that YOUR tax dollars are being used to drain the skilled workers from our great state.

It seems we are going to pay to rid ourselves of the dead weight in the state hmm?  “Not able to find a job in Michigan?  I hear Nebraska is hiring, now goodbye!  Sorry it didn’t work!”  Hardly the “dead weight” will be recruited in this action.   The Mac center reports:

“This is not the first time the Drive for Five team has been in Michigan. In May they occupied the Michigan Works! office in Cadillac for a day to recruit skilled tradesmen including electricians, machine operators “and many more,” and even posted fliers at Michigan Works! advertising as much. Reportedly 35 prospects were interviewed then, and 21 of these had relocated to Nebraska by July.”

Michigan, under the Granholm administrative hand appears to have undergone the only population shrinkage in its 171 years.  Now it not only is causing more through poor economic policy, it is “embracing” the new population shrinkage by adding to the numbers through its recruiting for another state at taxpayer funded facilities.  The only thing missing now are the cattle cars.

Industrial policy Blog says:

“They’re likely to do it, too. In fact, they’re so confident that some in the group even brought portable drug testing kits to get that hiring step out of the way, according to a spokesperson for the group.

This is not the first time the Drive for Five team has been in Michigan.

My wife offers the suggestion that Granholm might possibly be attempting to take a little of the edge off the 10% unemployment rate Granholm is partly (mostly, likely, choose your favorite Adv) responsible for. 10% is quite high, but consider the following also stated in the Mackinac center article:

“Michigan Works! agencies provide many of the same job recruitment and placement services as private job service/staffing firms, and so directly compete with tax-paying businesses here.”

Correct.  Job placement agencies which rely on a complete range of worker types to fill part time, and permanent positions as well.  When it is generally recognized Michigan will need these workers to fully recover, the state is applying its efforts to fully guarantee the failure of that recovery.

Which could lead one to wonder about the future administration.  In 2010 it is HIGHLY likely Michigan will return to a Republican governed state.  Is it possible the “set up” is a failed next term by planning in the current administration? The incredibly inept Democrats in Michigan might be getting maybe a little too much credit for original thinking by me perhaps, but consider the efforts made in the recent attempt to hijack the state constitution with the RMGN proposal.

Again, wait for the cattle cars, they’ll be used for something..  I am sure of it..