At least we had a sunny day.

The Stock market continued to tank today.  Some might claim it was government jumping in to do what it OUGHT NOT DO, but although I am inclined to believe, I still think it may have more to do with the reality sinking in that Barack Hussein Obama will in fact be the next leader of the formerly free world.  The President of the United States of America.

What drives the reality?  Certainly polls indicate an advantage to O-who, the very man who made a name for himself in Chicago Suing Citibank in 1993 on the premise they would not loan money for a Couple because they were black.  Those very same polls are always suspect, as they usually favor the Democrat candidates (for what ever obscure reason) and are usually repudiated when the actual vote counts are made.  The real indicator can be found by looking at the Vegas bookmakers, who as of 10-07-08 had John McCain wins paying 11-4, and Barry Obama paying only 2-9.

The bookies have something, a sixth sense, perhaps akin to a crystal ball usually, and understand corruption better than any analyst paid by a network or even government agents.  If they say O-Who will be POTUS, O-Who will be POTUS.  It is how they work, how they survive.  And now, they have lent a little of their money understanding to Wall Street.

Investors looking to the future, have to make decisions of whether to continue owning organizations based on their viability.  Further, their trading of general stock in businesses, or their ability to keep the stock they own will be hampered by a higher trading expense.  With an Obama presidency, they understand their days of low capital gains are over, and higher corporate taxes are assured.  They understand it will be the worst time in the history of the United States to be owning a business, corporation or stock in one.

The reality we may be facing a government in the next 4 years, unlike any we have been familiar with is a troubling one.  When Health care, home ownership, and fiscal irresponsibility becomes a right, we have completely lost our way.  When we have a filibuster proof majority in the senate, and a Flat out socialist such as Barack Obama selects a flat out Socialist nightmare such as Jennifer Granholm to join the supreme court, you KNOW we have troubles.

Yes Jennifer Granholm.  You think the damage she has done to Michigan was bad?

In a Jennifer Granholm Supreme court, the health care MANDATES of Obama are just, and constitutional.  Eminent domain for private Oligarchic use remains.  Obama relieving those of us who disagree from our pens, keyboards and forums supported with a new version of the fairness doctrine.  The general assault on the constitution will be the most intense you have ever seen because he will not likely last long.

There WILL be a revolution.

But..  for today.  winds were fresh, clouds were sparse, and Obama is not yet there.  I will fight to convince.  I will write to advise.  It can be stopped, and the sun..  it continues to shine.