Devos comments on Michigan economy.

Dick Devos this morning during a phone segment on the Ron Jolly show, Pointed out that Michigan economic woes are NOT the result of the federal government, but rather because of an anti business climate created by governor Granholm.  he said “Michigan Missed the economic expansion because of Granholm policies, ” which are unfriendly to business, and keeping business in the state.  Devos applauded the governor’s recent trip to Japan in an attempt to secure more jobs, but suggested that the tough part would be to keep them here in the tough Michigan business climate. “It is good that she is still making an attempt to secure employment opportunities for the breadwinners of the state, but it needs to have an environment which can keep them here,” and when the film credit was brought up, Devos supported it, but said merely because it was something, “ANYTHING (paraphrasing)  to help in a climate which is so unfriendly to business is welcome.”

When asked about Grand Rapids development and its seemingly positive growth, Devos points out that it is definitely growing, and that it should still continue despite the condition of the rest of the state. He did acknowledge that the growth was slower than it would be because it is “surrounded by Michigan, and the poor economic policies which guide Michigan.”  “Michigan did the worst thing by raising taxes, and spending and now has found it has a shortfall”  He pointed out that grand rapids development is all private spending, and the suggestion that the private funding is the reason for the relative success was made.

My Own thoughts

Dick Devos, for those of you who have never had the opportunity to meet directly, is one of the friendliest guys who is quick with an outreached hand for a greeting.  I haven’t had the impression that it is a political posture either.  While I am sure that he, like those who can afford it travels, and enjoys the best things in life, he is also an active volunteer in the community, and speaks fondly of the children whos lives he has touched and mentored.

Michigan would do well to listen to Devos this election cycle, when he takes a break from his busy business, and family schedule to speak on behalf of the McCain  Palin ticket.  Many can claim he is biased in favor of them as he is Republican, however his business accumen, and family standards should not be ignored when he tells us that McCain Palin reflect our values more closely.  He has said that Michigan will have more opportunities in the right environments, but warns that Obama will likely bring to the rest of the country what has happened here already in the last several years under the Granholm administration.

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  1. September 14, 2008 at 9:40 am

    The economic downturn that the rest of the country is experiencing (and is also adding to Michigan’s burden) was the direct result of the hike in minimum wage. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams (among other economists) warned of this happening. Sure enough! Not long after the rise in the wage, businesses stopped hiring (if they could), and people were laid off (especially youth).

    As usual, government interference in the economy causes the economy, at least for awhile until things adjust to the mess that was created, to tank. The problem is that the GOP is so gutless, they refuse to name names. Instead they allow our President (who I have my beef with) to take the blame of the downturn.

    In this election, it should be trumpeted from the rooftops that the downturn occurred after the Dems took over Congress, and subsequently passed the minimum wage increase. Those are the facts.

  2. brian
    September 29, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Unfortunately, – Bush Failed Policies is a better soundbite.
    The unwashed just don’t want to take time out from Dancing with the Stars to investigate the real reason for Michigan’s woes.

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