Brokaw Pelosi Transcript segment explained. Her motivation.

Nope, not going to let this fade away just yet.  As we see the OIL prices raise again, we need to be reminded WHY.  I Expect the prices to break $100 again today now that the refineries are chugging along again.  A couple reasons, including Saudis reducing production, and a CORRUPT institution from the top down.

Here we break into the conversation Tom Brokaw, and Speaker Pelosi were having a couple of weeks ago on meet the press..

MR. BROKAW: But the bottom line is, as speaker, you’re prepared to preside over legislation that would reactivate offshore oil drilling.

PELOSI: I’m prepared to preside over legislation that will take a comprehensive approach to it, include that, let it compete, and see where we come down on it. And if that, in fact, is a, a, a, a good alternative, then that is something that we should do. But not to misrepresent to the hard-strapped American people for gas prices and other reasons in our economy that if we do that, it’s going to reduce the price at the pump. It simply will not.

Can she be so entirely clueless?  I do not think she really believes this.  My suspicions run a little deeper.  But if she truly believes this, her place is not that of a speaker of the house, but perhaps a ..gosh  Are there programs for employing the chronically stupid?  Maybe not stupid huh..

MR. BROKAW: Well, I think most people understand that, but at the same time, if we work our way off carbon-based fuels, in the meantime, this is not going to happen overnight.

PELOSI: No, it isn’t, but you could–again, you could reduce the price at the pump immediately with…(unintelligible). You can have a transition with natural gas. You can have a transition with natural gas. That, that is cheap, abundant and clean compared to fossil fuels. So, so there is a way to transition this instead of doing more of the same. The Bush administration, two oil men in the White House, they want us to believe that the status quo is what we should do and more of it–and more of it, when it will just only keep us in the same place that we are now.

MR. BROKAW: You just mentioned natural gas, and you emphasized it as well in your last radio address…


Yeah..  She did mention Natural gas, and other than being clueless about it still being classified as a fossil fuel, she actually represents herself above those two “oil men in the white house,” while she does her best to promote her personal investments.

MR. BROKAW: …talking about the energy plan. And then we read in The Wall Street Journal that you and your husband have made a substantial investment in the plan that T. Boone Pickens has put forward, which has a heavy emphasis on natural gas as well.

PELOSI: But let me see if you call substantial 03 three percent of our investments.

I am sure you all understand what leverage is, when you take a company with a market cap of about $300 million, and infuse it with $10 Billion in sales.. right?

MR. BROKAW: Oh, it’s what, between 100 and $200,000.

PELOSI: No, no, it was between 50 and $100,000, and it’s part of an, you know, entrepreneurial package. This is the package we sign up for, this is what they invest in. But that’s not the point. I’m, I’m, I’m investing in something I believe in. I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels.

Huh..  but the disclosure DOES reference $101,000.00-$250,000.00.  Its on page 7 if you don’t feel like scrolling through.  I suppose she hopes we go away.

MR. BROKAW: But you’re also in a position to influence where the emphasis will be in where we’re moving.

PELOSI: Well, that’s not–that is, that is the marketplace. The fact is, the supply of natural gas is so big, and you do need a transition if you’re going to go from fossil fuels, as you say, you can’t do it overnight, but you must transition. These investments in wind, in solar and biofuels and focus on natural gas, these are the real alternatives. You have to ask yourself why, why is the administration not doing this? This is the challenge of our generation. It’s a national security issue. President Nixon said we must end our dependence on foreign oil. President Carter said it’s a moral equivalent of war. It’s a national security issue, it’s an economic issue, it’s an environmental health issue, and it is a moral issue to protect this environment.

Shift the issue Nancy?  The “Marketplace” is relying on what YOU ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.  Natural gas is BIG yes, but OIL DRILLING HERE will make a TON of difference in the marketplace.  And following on what Nixon said, the ONLY way to make that transition to energy independence is to actually start retrieving it from OUR sources.  Morally, Madame speaker, the onus is on you.  YOU have the power to do something, yet for your apparently own profiteering motives refuse to do anything.  And, you never Answered the question.

This country relies on energy produced both domestically and abroad.  Folks like Pelosi have been ravaging the American people for decades, and somehow have successfully laid the blame at the feet of the providers of cheap energy.  Arguably, the speaker is one of two things.  1.  Incredibly Moronic, and an economic imbecile, who hasn’t a clue about market forces, or energy needs or all of what is made with petroleum products, or..   2.   She is a flat out crook. A Thief, who at the cost of country, and to fatten her portfolio and power, will increase our dependence on FOREIGN oil, an act which amounts to a tax on all folks particularly the poor and disadvantaged.

I ask, nay PLEAD with congress to Confront Speaker Pelosi on her motivations.  DEMAND she explains her actions.  STOP ALL Legislation until this is done.