They Still Rule.

Recently, as regulars here, and several hundred thousand elsewhere know, we broke the news that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has some glaringly obvious financial ties to T. Boone Pickens California converting to Natural Gas infrastructure plan. A plan that not only asserts itself as a clear conflict of interest with madame speaker holding reign over current national energy policy, but one that also uses billions in taxpayer funds to start the process.

Most people get it. Even the folks who responded negatively (didn’t think it mattered) to the news in the multiple outlets breaking the story, used only the talking points afforded to them by conference call planning. The same argument of “she is a multi millionaire, why would this little ($50-100k) amount matter?” appeared regularly as about 2 % of the reader responses. The story got quite a bit of attention once it hit the#dontgo movement’s homepage, and eventually made it Michelle Malkin and even worldnet daily. People get the fact that as long as Nancy holds off the vote in congress, the price of fuels will remain high, and the proposition in California will pave the way to a new beginning, a new infrastructure that would make Microsoft look like a lemonade stand by comparison. But the “people” dont directly control the airwaves.

It seems as though corruption, conflict of interest, and the desire for wealth accumulation overrides the best interest of the country. Nancy Pelosi will continue to financially benefit using congress as her personal income generator, she has done it before, with earmarked legislation to beautify her neighborhood where she holds rental property, and she is doing it now.

Where is network coverage? Where are the major news outlets?

The answer lies in the question: how much do you think T. Boone Pickens is spending on those ads you hear on the radio EVERY 8 minutes, or see every 15 on your favorite TV shows? I dont think 6 or 7 zeros is enough. There is still a profit motive which drives news. Which outlet wants to break this first? Which outlet wants to lose a multi million dollar contract first? This story WILL break as long as we continue to buzz about it, and let the smaller news departments work with it, but there is a dark side to news coverage.

So for bloggers, citizen journalists, and other small media outlets the lesson of mainstream media is patently clear. They still rule..

Keep writing friends.

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  1. August 16, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    Great catch. Goes to show what one dedicated person can do. Keep up the good work.

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