The "Bouncer"

Who gets to decide whether YOUR Michigan business fits the model preferred by the state?

An article at Right Michigan Drives home the point that our elected officials tend to think of Michigan as a poorly decorated house in need of an interior designer. A few solar businesses here, a poop spreader there, maybe we highlight the main room with a film crew…

When one particular business or individual is levied a tax, regulation or restriction, but another is told they can enjoy all the benefits of membership in this great state without the same contribution, it is essentially showing the first one to the door. “Out with the old in with the new!” Which seems to be Granholm’s continuing message. It has just taken us this long to get it.

Remember where this VERY LIBERAL woman was raised. It was the San Francisco Bay Area. And while we love our brothers and sisters from the left coast, we must also recognize the very DIFFERENT set of values which drives folks over there. Perhaps those of us who voted for Granholm TWICE couldn’t have known, but the executive office is a very different one than as the AG, which she held prior, and is pretty much a “mechanical role” of upholding the law, aside from some minor nuances.

Granholm has become the “bouncer,” much like the guy holding the chains at a really cool night club. And if we fail to provide the “uniqueness” SHE thinks will enhance Michigan’s atmosphere, then her policies are giving us the boot.