Reason your Michigan heating bill will be more this winter, and next

Not drilling for oil – While many of us dont use Crude for heating our homes, the current speculative nature is enhanced by a shortage for that oil, which is being perpetuated by the Speaker not ALLOWING a vote to allow drilling prior to the expiration of the ban.  GAS prices are already higher and now there are alternatives considered to power vehicles.  One company, CLNE (one that conveniently Madame Speaker has interest in) Provides a Natural Gas solution.  Because of CLNE’s interest in Natural Gas, future buys for one of the most used heating fuels will be a little costlier.  Demand = Higher prices.

I cannot stress this enough.  a CLEAR CONFLICT of Interest is in play.  No matter the amount of Pelosi’s investment in CLNE, she should not then have the ability to directly affect fuel costs so as to influence a vote for public financing which will fill her pockets.  This is starting to surface in the traditional outlets, but will it not completely break until AFTER the Proposition vote is made in California?