Going Green.. So I am NOT misunderstood

I have written much about Pelosi, her apparent conflict of interest, CO2, and the Socialist agenda of the green Movement.  Make no mistake, I stand firmly by my previous statements, and postings. However….

I do not want people to misinterpret my opinions, and words as that of someone who cares little for environmental conditions, water quality, or clean air.  My particular slant on the way in which we reach the common goal of a high quality of life simply attempts to bypass the strict Oligarchic component which neither solves the issues intended, or brings about any goodwill toward government.  the elite left which currently holds sway in the debate over probable solutions, hardly lives up to it’s own proposed standards, and should not be seen as anything BUT hypocritical on the message and solutions offered.

Al Gore, who uses 40 times the common man’s energy quotient, Speaker Pelosi who refuses to sit with the common man on a fight, from or to her home state have both profited healthily from their pursuits in the “Green” fraud that has been building for the last few decades. News outlets, which are owned by major corporate giants (GE as an example) control in large part can control the dissemination of information and this manner half truths are used to convince the populace to support “green” initiatives, which in turn, profit those corporations.  GE as an example, stands to profit heavily on the push to reduce CO2 emissions, and would suggest “sure why wouldn’t we support with dollars that which we believe?”  Pelosi likewise says to Brokaw, when asked if her investments influence her votes in congress:

“I’m investing in something I believe in.”

Remember folks, they currently CONTROL the opinion climate, and the debate.  She successfully skirts the compelling issue of conflict, and brushes it off as merely putting her money where her mouth is, when in fact it is the other way around. When we STOP questioning where receive the information we use as our guides, we essentially relegate ourselves to the trough of the elite, consuming the scraps they deem we deserve.

To my point on environmental issues, I must insist I am PRO-Conservation. I support recycling, I compost, and try to make efficient trips when driving.  I own property which is, and shall remain as pristine as I found it.  I NEVER litter, I make my shoes last 2 years past their expiration, and only double flush when it is Absolutely necessary.  I agree we need to consider our responsibility to each other, and to the environment in which we reside.  And if we can develop methods and products which help us to those ends we should support them.

But Government is not always the answer, and is all too often controlled by those who wish to beat us over the head with it to achieve their personal power or financial goals.  When government executives with little real environmental knowledge (Michigan – Granholm, Kansas – Sebelius,  etc..) are approached by organizations such as the Center for Climate strategies with hidden agendas to construct environmental policy, its time to put on the hip waders, and plan a stink party.

CO2 a pollutant? I would argue that the air we exhale is HARDLY a pollutant, as those who wish to inject it into the ground for “safe keeping” feel.  However, maybe they consider it so because of the company they keep.