58 Reasons To Drill Here & Drill Now!

Gasoline for cars Bowls Fishing line
Diesel for cars, and ships Fertilizer Tennis rackets
Heating fuel Explosives Roller blades
Aviation fuel for planes Car tires Eye glasses
Credit cards Artificial turf Lunch boxes
Plastic bags Boots Shoes Flower pots
Hair brushes Lipstick Toys
Anti-freeze Weed killer Car seats
Motorcycle Helmets Parachutes Insulation
Carpets Umbrellas Nail polish
Telephones Food wrappers Hair spray
Brake fluid Shower curtains Medicines
Boats Waterproof coats Insect repellant
Glue Prosthetic limbs Golf balls
Toilet Seats Roads Road Signs
Shampoo Bubble wrap Drinking Glasses
Paint for houses and art Drinks bottles Computers
Detergent Toothbrushes Televisions
Bowls Life jackets Cameras

And Last but not least Michigan. Michigan, whos economy has suffered not only from the incompetence of the executive branch, but because there are folks who would scare voters into supporting “Green” technology to the exclusion of a product which we have used, and MUST use.. forever.