More Jobs In Play Means HIGHER Pay.

Fundamental economics, and the laws of supply and demand are sometimes conveniently ignored by our more liberal organizations such as the bargaining unions for the auto makers, educators and many other collectives. The term “Job Security” is a misnomer, as the greater bargaining power is expressed in extortion like manners which often cripple companies, rather than secure a future by assuring the company’s strength and continued existence.

The union members interviewed by news sources who were about to lose their jobs in Mancelona recently exclaimed that it is hard for others who are not in their position to “understand” why they decided to NOT accept concessions by the plant owner DURA during negotiations. Dura, at that time was planning on shutting down the plant, and was under bankruptcy. The concessions were requested to keep the plant viable in the face of rising operational costs. Though I am NOT placing blame on most of the individuals, my understanding however is pretty simple: Do you want to keep your employer financially viable or not? Perhaps a question should be asked: “Did your union reps tell you the company was bluffing?”

Starting a few days ago, the permanent layoffs began. The village of Mancelona Michigan was never a thriving metropolis, but will likely soon face economic pain, not unlike depression era hardships only our grandparents might remember. There is truly NOTHING left. when the last of what was a 300+ person plant is gone, the few small businesses that remain will fold, and likely even the Mickey D will have to decide if being on the highway is ENOUGH to warrant it’s operation. Who knows about the supermarket, the bar, the hardware etc…

Then yesterday, we learn about the closing of another local job provider. Alvan, a trucking company which has seen no profit since 2005, made the decision to end it’s operations in the face of higher fuel costs, and the reduction of business in the region. (Michigan) Alvan employed over 500. Many of them here in Northern Michigan.

Some folks will move. Some will travel outside the state. Some will go only a few miles to resume looking for jobs that might not exist. The pool of available employment opportunities will continue to shrink, and many will have to accept positions far below their competence level, simply to put food on the table.

This is how it works. More employment openings creates an environment where the employee can select the position they feel is best suited for them. There is no being forced to accept what scraps FATE lays upon them. And there is NOTHING political about it. Yet.. We continuously promote artificial employment enhancing policies by repeatedly electing job killing politicos to define how business should be run. Job enhancement which drives business out of our state, out of our country, out OF business.

Michigan cannot have the political make-up which currently exists for much longer. If the unions are truly interested in higher pay, lower unemployment and the ability to bargain with companies which are stronger and ABLE to provide desired wages, then they need to switch from funding the re-election efforts of the liberal left, and instead tend to the needs of their constituencies on a truthful level.

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  1. July 2, 2008 at 8:07 am

    Yeah, see, you lost the left half of the state’s blogosphere right at the start when you said “fundamental economics…”

    You have to talk in soundbytes and talking points and discuss how things make you feel otherwise you’re just mean.


  2. David Myers
    July 2, 2008 at 8:48 am

    There are still lots of high paying jobs on employment sites. Here’s a few selected by as the best employment sites:

    Good luck!

  3. jgillman
    July 2, 2008 at 11:41 am

    Of course of those jobs which might be in the region? or in the state for that matter? And… are compatible with the skills of the tradesmen who will be looking??

    Normally whenever someone posts MULTIPLE links (SPAM) it hits the trash as your post nearly did, but in this case.. who knows.. maybe it will help someone.

  4. Clydes Dale
    July 2, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    Well there are jobs in Michigan, shows jobs available. – we still have nearly 10 Million people in the state. That is alot of diapers, burgers and beer. But the fact is that the TAX situation and the UNION situation and the REGULATION situation have killed the GROWTH of business in the state. It’s like KATRINA for the TAX BASE. Diminished OPPORTUNITY. That in turn forces various workers/managers out of the state and keeps others from coming, graduates leave, retireds leave – all of which drops property values and closes businesses even more – it begins a re-enforcing cycle of economic CRASH. First the luxo restaurants and glamourous ad campaigns, then the high-end retailers, HQ’s (pfizer comerica VW) then the mom and pops with a sprinkling of major plants along the way. No one wants to RISK coming/staying here unless there is a DEAL waiting for them from Jenny – (see movie makers) AND IT HASN’T CHANGED FOR 4 YEARS.

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