Job Seekers

 *note*For those sensitive to gender issues please insert the “he/she,” “his/her,” and other gender changes where appropriate. – thank you, the management

Consider what the AVERAGE JOE does to get and maintain his position of employment. 

He trains, (either through education or hands on) usually will dress up a bit, and go present his case in an interview (formal or otherwise) on why an employer should hire him over many other prospects.  Usually a pretty straight forward process, but occasionally a particular area of his resume may be slightly “embellished.”   Often, the actual accomplishments will be exaggerated a tad, but an astute employer expects this, and will try to assess the job seeker’s actual skills.  The employee is expected to perform the tasks as assigned by the employer to keep his job.  A Successful employee reaps great rewards, and can become quite wealthy if he excels in his craft.

Next Consider what the BUSINESS OWNER must do to gain and maintain his “employment.” 

He must interview on a regular basis, advertising the benefits of and then demonstrating his ability to produce a desired product for consumption or use.  The interview process is endless, and is done through advertising methods and actual operation of the business.  Often, the business owner is “fired” as the result of his poor performance in delivering the product. And it seems more often than not, the unrealistic over regulating/taxing of these enterprises encourages ever more diligence by the business owner to maintain his “job.”  A successful business owner can become quite wealthy if he provides the products people both want and need effectively, and efficiently.

Finally, consider how a POLITICIAN must operate to be hired and rehired by the people he governs/represents/leads

He must convince those people who are his community periodically that he is representing their will, and core beliefs, and… (insert record scratch sound here…) hmm… WHAT DOES a politician have to do? In this case there are two different types.  And I will not assign a “label to each type, but I think anyone who could read this far would be able to figure it out.

1.     This politician uses history as his guide, and encourages a suspicious eye be cast upon his fellow politicians, and particularly large collectives of politicians. This type envisions the government as merely a necessary evil, and promises efforts to restrain its control over the AVERAGE JOE and the BUSINESS OWNER.

2.    This politician encourages  a suspicious eye be cast upon business owners, and those who display wealth.  He encourages envy and distrust of those who succeed. (though his own personal fortune might NEVER be questioned) This type envisions the government as a savior of the peoples, and will tout the benefits of government largess for the purpose of becoming their government representative, and promises equality for the AVERAGE JOE and supports control on the greedy BUSINESS OWNER.

1.    This type to be gainfully employed, suggests that ALL Peoples are created equal, and that no one shall be given advantage over another by his color or gender. He further commits he will fight those who try to discriminate on that basis.

2.    This type, suggests that some are just not as good as others and are NOT EQUAL, so he promises to balance the disparity by bringing the other down.

1.    This type believes that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights.  Simply put, that we are BORN with certain rights, and that if employed, he will do his best to make sure the government will NOT interfere with those rights, and further, will protect them to the best of his ability.

2.   This type insists that he will support a”flexible interpretation” of the rights we enjoy, so that they might be “better managed” for maximum effect. 

1.    This type encourages conservation and planning methods in the use of our resources, as well as encouraging Business to seek alternatives with free market solutions to shortages of said resources.  Promises to protect business from unnecessary government effect if hired.

2.    This type encourages conservation by limiting access to resources and he promises to punish through further taxing and regulatory measure those businesses who do not capitulate to a government sanctioned plan if hired.

1.    This type encourages the use of our VAST natural resources in a morally appropriate manner, conserving where we can, and replacing when possible those resources we use. Promises to prevent government from preventing our pursuits if hired.

2.     This type insists we have “limited” resources, and that “people” are not adequate stewards of the resources available to us.  He insists that if hired, he would perhaps make them available to our grandchildren or perhaps theirs because we aren’t ready.

In November, we have a vast array of Job seekers who will be perhaps exaggerating their records, promising certain performances, yet if we remain the employer we must consider what is truly important to us.  Do we settle for continued flexible interpretation of our constitution?  Will we continue to hire those who wish keep us from the products, resources, freedoms we have taken for granted, all for our own good?  Hopefully, the writing has been on the wall long enough for the great personnel department across the land to make some informed and sage hirings.