Government has found the cure for the baby boom dilemma?

The social security problem has been one generating a bit of concern over the years as baby boomers retire, increasing the ratio of retired SS Recipients to the still working payers. The problem the social security “lock box” has been facing may well be solved by the current state of affairs, such as inflation, and higher energy costs. ..say what?

Recently at a nephew’s birthday party, an extended family member explained his theory on the higher prices in this way: “The government has caused the problem so that the boomers don’t retire at social security age, continue working and the transition period will be extended.” Though somewhat paraphrased, he was saying the government is CAUSING this to keep those who would collect SS OFF the rolls. Work em longer, some die off. And because of a former POTUS, SS can be taxed when you are still a bread winner.. YAY!

Whether or not his theory that a conspiracy exists is true, there is still the compelling argument that recent price jumps and the reality of inflation are indeed keeping folks working longer, and delaying their transfer into the non working roles they thought would be there. The additional working years some may add to their careers may well be just the thing the doctor ordered for the failed Social security plan.

Go figure. No wonder our leaders insist on messing up the economy more each time they meet.